00’s House Classics

’00 House Classics’ consists of the biggest house classic songs from the early millennium.

Destinys Child The House Sessions

Destiny’s Child | The House Sessions

Painting a picture of Destiny’s Child dance history would not be complete without the soulful renditions of their tracks. This is where Maurice Joshua comes into the picture. Much like his contemporaries Frankie Knuckles, Todd Terry, Louie Vega, Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, Eric Kupper to name a few, Joshua had been producing and remixing tracks since the…

Happy House Classics pt. 1

Happy House Classics from the Millennium vol. 1 | Because Shit Happens

When I first sat down to compile the tracklist and then create Happy House Classics, I was more than pleased with the final output. When I went back and listened to it, I realized that I had created yet another Pride Classics set which heavily overlapped with previous efforts. Other than the weather being horrendous…

House Classics v6 1 e1478226891907

Movin’ Too Fast | Millennial House Classics v6

As promised, I’m sending up the sixth and final set in the Millennial House Classics series and this IS  a monster!  Movin’ Too Fast is the final layer of what are the most influential house classics from the first 10 years of the millennium.  From Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De Luxe [Sun Is Shining] to…

House Classics v5 5 1 e1478226905637

Can’t Get Enough | Millennial House Classics v5

Picking up where we left off, Can’t Get Enough of the Millennial House Classics series takes us up around the bend for the final stretch due next week.  There are so many personal favorites on this particular set that it reads like a who’s who list of massive House Classics from that time period.  Then…

House Classics v4 1 e1478226860136

Get Up n’ Dance | Millennial House Classics v4

You might have been asking yourself “whatever happened to the rest of those Millennial House Classics he had been promising?”  Seriously dude, WTF?  Well, that question has been answered because I’m laying down the fourth installment.  These have all been in the can for some time now, but I had decided to space them out…

House Classics v31

Release Your Mind | Millennial House Classics v3

Party Favorz is back with the third installment of the Millennial House Classics series.  “Release Your Mind” delves into the seriously straight house hits from the first ten years, which includes Agnes’s global hit “Release Me” from the end of the first decade and signaled a shift in direction for house music, all the while…

House Classics v2

Turn It Up | MIllennial House Classics v2

What exactly constitutes a “house classic?”  For that matter, what makes any song a classic?  Generally, we think songs that were so huge back in the day and had universal appeal are classics.  Sure, they are but what about a song that was regional or only received minor play but for some reason or another…

House Classics v1

Let’s Get Busy | Millennial House Classics v1

I started this project earlier this year and had been working on it off and on between other posts.  Frankly, it was finished a few months ago and I had shelved it until now.  Millennial House Classics is basically an extension of the original 90s House Classics but focuses on the first ten years of…

Funky Edition 2007 v3

Funky House Edition 2007 v3 | Remastered

Threw in some plain ole Disco and House along with the Funk this time ’round…Enjoy! Album : Funky House Edition 2007 v3 Genre : House, Disco, Funky Year : 2007 Total Time : 01:28:24 Eddie Cumana feat. Johan Brunkvist – Disco Celebration (Original Instrumental Mix) Georgie Porgie – Lift Your Voices (Wideboys Anthemic Club Mix) Michael…

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