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Jingle Electric 2018

Jingle Electric 2018 | The Season’s Hottest Dance-Club Hits! | Revised

It’s that time a year again, where Party Favorz delivers one final massive Dance Club set of the latest hits currently on your radar or soon will be. In keeping with tradition, I like to use a vintage holiday-themed pin-up girl for the artwork of which there appears to be …Read More & Download

Jingle Electric 2017 pt 2

Jingle Electric 2017 pt. 2 | Early Winter’s HOTTEST Dance Hits!

It does not appear that my host (Podbean) will allow me to manually add supporters as premium subscribers any longer. They used to but have stopped the practice because they now get 15% of whatever is donated in return for providing support for users with issues. That’s on top …Read More & Download

Jingle Electric 2017

Jingle Electric 2017 | Early Winter’s HOTTEST Dance Hits!

It’s time for the annual Jingle Electric jam! This is the final batch of the current and HOTTEST EDM/Dance tracks blowing up at radio and dance floors across the globe. Over the years I started using vintage holiday artwork for this series. I am a HUGE fan of vintage …Read More & Download

Jingle Electric 2016 pt. 2

Jingle Electric 2016 pt. 2 | the Holiday Season’s Biggest Dance Hits!

Updated with minor corrections and the addition of “Don’t Wanna Know (Mark Neo Remix)” by Maroon 5 feat. Kendrick Lamar. One thing you’ll notice on the two Jingle Electric sets is that the songs are getting shorter and shorter. So much so, they’re pretty much radio edits. This is …Read More & Download

Jingle Electric 2016 pt. 1

Jingle Electric 2016 pt. 1 | the Holiday Season’s Biggest Dance Hits!

There was a lot of making up to do since I had to skip the Halloween Edition of the Dance/EDM series. Fortunately, I was able to get it cut down to two very concise sets featuring the biggest dance hits of the holiday season and some that will soon …Read More & Download

Jingle Electric pt. 1 1

Jingle Electric 2015 pt. 2 | MASSIVE EDM BANGERS!

Well, pardon my French and  jingle my bells but it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (or at least my recent cover art suggests that it is). Originally, I had created two covers for Jingle Electric 2015 but then quickly realized, I only had enough solid tunes for one …Read More & Download

Jingle Electric pt. 2 1

Jingle Electric 2015 | Massive EDM Hits!

Okay folks, my head is spinning as I’m being pulled in a multitude of directions all at once.  I was gonna post this yesterday, but my anal retentive self felt like creating more work for myself since I wasn’t all that thrilled with this set.  I was off yesterday, …Read More & Download

Jingle Electric 2014 pt 2

Jingle Electric 2K14

Moving along, I’ve got the annual Jingle Electric 2K14 edition featuring the latest in EDM, Electro-pop, and House …STOP THE PRESSES!  Did I just say House?  Yup. While I could have easily loaded this set with big-ass anthems from start to finish, I decided to really shake things up …Read More & Download

Jingle Electric 240

Jingle Electric 2013

As promised, delivering the final EDM set for 2013 right to your inbox. It’s unusual for this time of year to have slim options for new music, but in the end, I managed to pull it out. While still pretty commercial, I opted for versions with some bite, hence …Read More & Download

Jingle Jam Electric v2 240

Jingle Jam Electric v2

Hot on the heels of v1, I’m sending up Jingle Jam Electric v2 for your winter solstice pleasure. Packed with guilty pleasures currently atop the dance charts and others that will soon be along with some smoldering underground cuts, there’s nothing to dislike here (unless electro isn’t your cup …Read More & Download

Jingle Jam Electric v1 240

Jingle Jam Electric v1

Just in time for those of you heading back home to visit the folks and will be hooking up with old friends this evening at your hometown clubs, I’m serving up a heaping plate of electro with a healthy portion of sides! Pulling from some of the hottest tunes …Read More & Download

Holiday Edition 2018

Holiday Edition 2018 | Jingle Your Bells to the Latest Circuit Tribal House Music!

I figured I’d get a jump on things and drop an unexpected surprise for you folks next week in its stead. Party Favorz decided to bring the party indoors and is releasing the annual Holiday Edition a week early! The Holiday Edition 2018 is chock-full of the biggest Circuit Tribal …Read More & Download