Party Favorz began in 1999 as a series of mainstream club mixes I created for after-hours parties in South Texas.

After a failed interview with Microsoft where I had to create my first-ever blog, I started the actual podcast in late 2007, and it grew from there.

11 years later, Party Favorz expanded to include EDMdance-club hitsCircuit-TribalFunky HouseUnderground HouseHouse Classics from the 90’s and the millenniumTrash Disco80’s Alternative90’s EurodanceTop Dance-Club songs of the year from 1996 through today, and Legacy Tributes to those living and deceased who have made considerable contributions to House Music. In total, there are over 700 episodes available to stream and download.

Also, we’ve got a bucket load of DIVAS in the Diva Hall of Fame! From Donna Summer to MadonnaBeyoncé to Rihanna, and Adele to Selena Gomez, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find your favorite DIVAS.

Created with love and devotion for all things that make you want to shake your ass off, fuel your workouts, relax by the pool, ease your daily commute or celebrate with friends, Party Favorz is your one-stop podcast for all of your many moods.

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Now, let’s get the party started!


Keith a.k.a. K j A M, Owner, House Music Lover, Podcast Guru

Party Favorz is a labor of love and has been providing outstanding podcasts of your favorite dance music for 11 years now. Even so, it takes a lot of time, work, effort, and yes...money to make this all happen. If it wasn't for my supporters, continuing to operate this podcast would be impossible.

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