Chill Edition The World We Live In 240

Chill State of Mind

I got up early (as usual) around 4AM and grabbed some breakfast while catching up on the latest news. This has been part of a routine for many years now as I use the early morning hours as my way of sorting out the issues for the day while reading up on the latest disaster or shitty thing we humans do to each other on a frequent basis.

When I got back, I started on the next installment of commercial EDM tracks which despite it still being winter, have a great deal of early summer cheer sprinkled throughout. Needless to say, it all fell together quite nicely. Expect that to drop by the end of this next week.

The weather had been cooperative by warming up into some spring action lately only to turn overcast, dank, cold, and wet which has the ability to reframe my state of mind and outlook. After reading up on the latest news about yet another school shooting and the indictments that just came down against many Russian players in the 2016 election meddling scandal, I can’t help but think that the prosecutor is lining up his ducks for an even bigger kill. Meanwhile, instead of passing meaningful gun restriction legislation, Republicans send out their useless “thoughts and prayers” to the families of the victims of this latest tragedy, which is 100% a result of their greed and pandering to the nut-wing faction of their party. You literally cannot make up the dumbfuckery that comes out this party.

All of this got me to thinking about the last time I was in this frantic state. I put out what I consider to be my masterpiece or my version of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” The World We Live In and The Promise of a Better Life were a two-part chill set I whipped up complete with tracks that moved me at the time. I intertwined news snippets and sound effects that stitched the project together creating a sound collage that still holds up to this day. I compiled two more a year later but those two never lived up to the promise of the originals I had created, though they were fairly solid.

I’m kind of in that mindset again and have started moving songs off into a chill folder where I may take another stab at it to see what I come up with. I’ll try to keep the depressing newsy stuff to a minimum but some of the music I’m coming across is really rocking my world at the moment and is giving me the same kind of solemnity I felt when I worked on the original chill editions. These are really hard to put together when I have to search out relevant news snippets, audio clips and sound effects that I use to stitch it all up. Look for something different on these pages in the near future.

I’ll be back later this week with the Winter EDM Sessions.

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