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Circuit ChannelThe “Circuit Tribal House” channel consists of Tribal and Progressive House with larger than life Diva anthems. These sets are for the gay boys!

Gay Days pt

Gay Days 2018 pt. 2 | The Biggest Gay Anthems & Circuit Beats of the Year!

I’m back with the second installment of Gay Days 2018 and this thing is ginormous! This set consists of some of the biggest circuit tracks of the year, massive gay anthems, plus new and future anthems featuring our favorites DIVAS. If this set doesn’t get you into the game, then …Read More and Download

Gay Days pt

Gay Days 2018 pt. 1 | The Gayest Circuit Anthems on Earth!

Party Favorz is officially kicking off Pride season with the annual Gay Days series for 2018. This two-set podcast contains some of the biggest gay anthems of the year so far. Sprinkle in some brand-spanking new tunes that are surefire blockbusters in the coming months and you have a …Read More and Download

Spring Edition 2018 pt. 2

BIG Tribal Beats, T-Dance Favorites & Fierce Divas! | Spring Edition 2018 pt. 2

The Spring Edition 2018 pt. 2 is chock-full of big tribal beats, t-dance favorites, and fierce DIVAS! Overall, the set is more restrained than previous offerings which is an effort to mix things up a bit. I’m releasing this set a week early because if I sit on it, I’ll be …Read More and Download

Hottest Circuit Anthems

Get PUMPED with the Hottest Circuit Anthems! | Spring Edition 2018

Welcome to the annual Spring Edition 2018 featuring the hottest circuit anthems for your workouts and festivities! No sooner than the first day of spring did a noreaster blow into town. We were spared the snow but got the brunt of heavy winds and freezing temperatures. Thankfully, it’s already warming …Read More and Download

Winter Edition 2018 pt. 2

Winter Edition 2018 pt. 2 | The Latest Tribal & Circuit Beats ON FIRE!

The Winter Edition 2018 pt.2 is ON FIRE! That’s about all the excitement I can muster up at the moment. This flu-crap has really kicked my ass. I expect to be taking next week (possibly two) off to get myself caught up. In the meantime, ya’ll have more than enough …Read More and Download

Winter Edition 2018

Winter Edition 2018 pt. 1 | Heat Up with the Latest EPIC Circuit Tracks!

Circuit music was at its peak in the late 90’s through 2005 before cooling down and becoming a niche genre. It remained strong in the gay communities around the globe but has also been popular in the straight communities of countries like Brazil and Mexico. As I’ve always stated, …Read More and Download

Holiday Edition

Holiday Edition 2017 | Heat Up the Holidays with the HOTTEST Circuit Beats!

It appears I’ve been given the green light to go ahead and post the Holiday Edition 2017 featuring the holiday’s HOTTEST circuit beats. The song in question is a remake of the Eartha Kitt cum Madonna classic “Santa Baby” by Dirty Disco featuring the always fabulous Jeanie Tracy. There …Read More and Download

Fall Edition 2017

Fall Edition 2017 | Autumn’s Biggest Circuit Beats!

It appears we’ve come to the end of the road. Fall Edition 2017 represents the full circle Party Favorz has taken since the very first post on October 7, 2007. It’s been a long ride with a lot of bumps along the way. I’ve been an avid fan of …Read More and Download

Summer Edition 2017 v2

Summer Edition 2017 v2 | The HOTTEST Circuit Beats will Leave You Moist!

Well, we’ve made it through the very long hot summer and I’m fulfilling my promise to bring you volume 2 of the Summer Edition 2017. Originally, I thought I wouldn’t have enough to fill out this second set but boy was I wrong. In fact, I had way too …Read More and Download

Summer Edition 2017 1

Summer Edition 2017 pt. 1 | Summer’s HOTTEST Circuit Beats!

I’m dropping Summer Edition 2017 early only because 1) it’s finished 2) kicks-ass 3) I’m behind in my postings after manually getting everything switched over to Podbean 4) If I sit on it; new releases will come out and I’ll feel compelled to add on to an already long …Read More and Download

Gay Chicago Pride Beats 2017 1

Gay Chicago Pride Beats 2017

SURPRISE! Party Favorz was commissioned by one of our loyalist to create a Pride mix specifically for them. Over the years, I’ve done these for birthday parties, where folks would give them out as part of goody bags, as well as for various charitable events. I’m not sure what …Read More and Download

Gay Days 2017

Gay Days 2017 pt. 2 | Even MORE Circuit Beats for the Happiest Place on Earth!

Folks, Gay Days are here again and I’m back with the second installment of even MORE Circuit Beats for the Happiest Place on Earth! We’ve got more Dirty Disco and a boatload of Barry Harris in this set that will ensure smiles from now to PRIDE! I am way …Read More and Download

Gay Days 2017 pt. 1

Gay Days 2017 pt. 1 | Circuit Beats for the Happiest Place on Earth!

Party Favorz has been working overtime to ensure all of your dance music needs are met for the month of May. You folks have been so good to me, I feel obligated to make all of your fairy dreams come true. Speaking of which, it’s coming up on that …Read More and Download

Winter Party Edition 2017 final

The Winter Party Edition 2017 | Spring Heats Up with the HOTTEST Circuit Beats!

Holy shit am I on a tear. In the last two days, I’ve managed to knock-out two amazing sets in one take. The only changes I made were to this one where I dropped the intro track and had to re-create an intro for the next song. Other than …Read More and Download

Winter Edition 2017

Winter Edition 2k17 | HEAT UP with the Hottest Circuit Beats for Winter!

Rick had his car towed to the dealership last night because his tire blew out. He gets free tires for life, so he had his car towed to the Atlanta dealership 20 miles away. I got up early this morning to drive him to the dealership so he could …Read More and Download