Important! Changes to Feed

ExclamationOne of the things I was trying to avoid with the move of the site was any disruption in the way the feed is distributed.  Unfortunately, trying to consolidate everything into a single feed via Feedburner, which in all likelihood is going to be discontinued sometime soon, I decided it was best to have that feed redirected to my new one here on WordPress and the Libsyn (my new podcast host provider) redirected here as well. The Feedburner feed was deactivated on March 23 and is now redirecting to https://partyfavorz.com/feed/.  Those of you that follow Party Favorz in a reader will not be affected. Unfortunately, those of you that have signed up for email updates through the old Feedburner address will be affected and should now subscribe for updates from the email widget located on the upper-right side of the site. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it ultimately would have happened whether I took action now or Google pulled the plug later this year. The combination of WordPress and Libsyn is going to be the future of Party Favorz.  It gives me greater control over my content, my brand and yes, my feed and I see a long-lasting relationship with these services for years to come. If it looks like home, feels like home, smells and sleeps like home, then I must be home and I don’t plan on moving ever again.  Thanks again for your patience in this matter.

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