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LegacyThe “Legacy” channel honors those artists, musicians, and DJ’s living and deceased who have made substantive and impactful contributions to the evolution of house music.

Erasure The Diva Tribute

Erasure | The DIVA Tribute pt. 2

The second half of the DIVA Tribute focuses on Erasure’s output from the mid-90’s and on. Their writing remained sharp and focused like the uplifting rally cry of “Freedom,” the absolutely beautiful “Sacred” “Be With You” and “If I Could Fall in Love With You”. While I skipped over …Read More & Download

Erasure The Diva Tribute pt.1

Erasure | The DIVA Tribute pt. 1

It’s not the way you lead me by the hand into the bedroom It’s not the way you throw your clothes upon the bathroom floor Been thinking about ya, I just couldn’t wait to see Fling my arms around ya as we fall in ecstasy Ooh, sometimes The truth …Read More & Download

George Michael Tribute

George Michael Tribute pt. 2 | Freedom ’16

I had originally planned to update George’s original induction into the Diva Hall of Fame from 2010 this next year. Under the circumstances, I changed those plans and undertook the project the day after Christmas. I couldn’t allow the original mix be the final word. I spent an entire …Read More & Download

The Diva Series George Michael

George Michael | Tribute 1963 – 2016

It is with a heavy heart and deep sorrow that I am re-posting George Michael’s original induction into the Diva Hall of Fame and am now filing it under Tribute. He is truly one of the greatest artists of my lifetime and his album Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 is …Read More & Download

DJ Barry Harris Tribute Yellow

DJ Barry Harris Tribute pt. 1 | Yellow Edition

Since the demise of the dynamic duo Thunderpuss in 2003, DJ Barry Harris had been largely absent from the commercial production and remix industry he and Cris Cox helped established, for almost a decade. In 2014, he emerged and slowly began to re-establish his name with original remixes like ‘ Party …Read More & Download

DJ Barry Harris Tribute Red

DJ Barry Harris Tribute pt. 2 | Red Edition

Be sure to check out the equally worthy pt. 1 | Yellow Edition Album : DJ Barry Harris Tribute | Red Genre : Circuit Year : 2016 Total Time : 01:38:48 Jason Dottley & Debbie Holiday – Party Round The World (Barry Harris Vocal Mix) Tamia – Stranger In My House …Read More & Download

Victor Calderone Tribute 3

Victor Calderone Tribute pt. 3

I’m back with the third and final Tribute set to amazing Victor Calderone. Personal favorites and standouts include Mandalay’s Beautiful, Madonna’s Die Another Day, Mary Mary’s Shackles, Goldfrapp’s Strict Machine and Dynamix & Tina Ann’s Don’t Want Another Man among other heavy weights in this set. As mentioned yesterday, …Read More & Download

Victor Calderone Tribute 2

Victor Calderone Tribute pt. 2

Moving along with the Tribute trilogy to the fabulous Victor Calderone, I’m serving up a heaping platter of hits and favorites along with a couple of bootlegs. Personal favorites from this set include K.D. Lang’s Summerfling, Shapeshifters Lola’s Theme, Beyonce’s Naughty Girl, Depeche Mode’s Precious, Bettte Midler’s Beautiful and the …Read More & Download

Victor Calderone Tribute I

Victor Calderone Tribute pt. 1

I knew for sometime now that I wanted to put together a Victor Calderone Tribute series that honored the man and the more commercial aspects of his career. In fact, I had siphoned off all of his mixes into a separate folder but just hadn’t gotten around to doing …Read More & Download

Hex Hector Mixology VIII

Hex Hector | Mixology VIII

Oh no, say it ain’t so!  Yup, we have finally arrived at the final set paying tribute to genius that is Hex Hector.  To be honest, Hector didn’t create all of these mixes himself.  He has partnered with several folks for the final product throughout this eight set series. …Read More & Download

Hex Hector Mixology VII

Hex Hector | Mixology VII

We’re at the tail-end of the Hex Hector Mixology series with volume 7.  This particular set is for the hardcore Hex enthusiasts.  There are a couple of his trademark songs towards the end, but most of these were minor club hits (even if some of them went to #1 …Read More & Download

Hex Hector Mixology VI 1

Hex Hector | Mixology VI

Continuing the rollout of the Hex Hector Mixology series, I’ve got volume 6 on tap.  Once again, this set features some of his biggest and most memorable remixes like the massive Un-break My Heart by Toni Braxton, I Learned From the Best by Whitney Houston and a personal favorite …Read More & Download