Madonna Birthday Mix 2010 pt. 2 | The Diva Series

The Diva Series Madonna copy240

Album : Madonna | The Diva Series pt. 2
Genre : Circuit, House, Tribal, Progressive
Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:37:02:00
  1. Don’t Tell Me (Tracy Young Club Mix)
  2. 4 Minutes (Tracy Young’s House Mix)
  3. Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Extended House Vocal)
  4. Liquid Love (David Guetta Remix)
  5. Ray Of Light (Calderone Club Mix)
  6. Impressive Instant (Peter Rauhofer Universal Club Mix)
  7. Miles Away (Peter Rauhofer Parte 2 Intermedio Mix)
  8. Nothing Fails (Peter’s ‘Lost In Space’ Mix)
  9. Sky Fits Heaven (Victor Calderone Full Future Mix)
  10. Runaway Lover (Victor Calderone Provacateur Video Mix)
  11. Jump (Cleo’s Robotic Fenix Club Mix)
  12. Celebration (Johnny Vicious Club Mix)
  13. ForbiddenLove (Alexander & Mark Extended Remix)
  14. American Pie (Victor Calderone Vocal Club Mix)
  15. Beautiful Stranger (Calderone Club Mix)
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