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As promised, I’ve got some serious boogie heading your way sometime this week but shortly after, I’m forecasting a DIVA blizzard like we’ve never seen before. I won’t say how much divalicious-ness is going to drop but you can expect at least 12 inches of hairspray, lipstick, and eyeliner in the […]


Party Favorz Is Back!

It’s been 10 years and Party Favorz has officially come full circle. We started out with Podbean as our host, then moved to Pod-o-matic, then to Libsyn, then to House-Mixes, then it was self-hosted on Amazon and then to Blubrry and finally back to where it all began; Podbean. […]

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! I’ll bet ya’ll thought I had snuck away, never to return. While this has been an unusually long period of absence for Party Favorz, I’ve been busy with a host of new projects. As ya’ll know, one of those projects was the creation of a […]

The End

The End?

PayPal donations button has finally been fixed! Not trying to sound ominous but …the renewal date for the hosting account of Party Favorz (i.e. the backbone that keeps this site alive) is coming up on April 23rd. Originally, I had set a goal of $900 for self-managed hosting so […]