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The End

The End?

PayPal donations button has finally been fixed! Not trying to sound ominous but …the renewal date for the hosting account of Party Favorz (i.e. the backbone that keeps this site alive) is coming up on April 23rd. Originally, I had set a goal of $900 for self-managed hosting so I didn’t have to deal with…

Is On Fire

The Roof Is on FIRE!

For the past several months, it’s been crazy here at Party Favorz and it feels like the roof is on fire! Of course, I’m speaking figuratively, but for those of you who haven’t been able to keep up and feel a bit overwhelmed by my output, you’ll get a small reprieve this week. I had…

IMG 20160728 112740

MADONNA Madness!

On the eve of posting one of the most MOMENTOUS Madonna birthday celebrations I’ve ever created, I thought now would be a good time to prove to ya’ll my DIVA bonafides. Am I a raving lunatic that hangs on her or any other of my favorite diva’s every last word? Nope. Do I follow all of…

Say Uncle Bitch Final

Say “Uncle” BITCH!

I am so fucking sick and tired of listening to this thin-skinned whiny bitch and his moron followers, I thought I’d update the cover art of a podcast I made in 2011. Actually, I think this originally comes from a Sex Pistols cover (maybe) so the original is not mine; just the new faces. Please share…

David Bowie 1 1

David Bowie R.I.P.

One of the most influential artists that changed my life.  R.I.P. David. I’ve gotten several requests to create a megamix of Bowie’s music but frankly, I just don’t have the time.  Honestly, I’m not even certain there’s enough “dance” material to put it together.  Instead, I thought this AWESOME Sanny X megamix from 1990 should…


Taking a Break

After a whirlwind of posts from what has been a lackluster summer in dance music (IMHO), I’m taking a much needed break from the site. Monday, I start a new job but more important, I’m supposed to find out if I get the federal job I had applied for some months ago.  I just got…

Hex Tribute 1

Calling ALL Hex Hector Fans!

Party Favorz plans on putting together a Hex Hector Tribute mix for this fantastic DJ, who has worked over some of our favorite DIVAS  from the past decade. So think really hard, because there are definitely some obscurities in his repertoire that you don’t want to miss.  The songs can be from his solo work…

Diva Update 1


Since my Google Drive is all used up, I’m in the process of restoring all of the past Diva Hall of Fame inductees back to the site for download.  Keep in mind, anything let’s say from late last year til now that’s low quality download, can still be access via the drive and/or you would…

Pride Classics All 1

Pride Classics & Gay Anthems

The United States is on the cusp of a MAJOR change in policy towards gay marriages.  The SCOTUS, is set to hand down a decision challenging a ban on same-sex marriage that will have a rippling effect throughout all 50 states.  Just because I recently had a failed 14-year relationship that didn’t get to see…

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