Now on Spotify!


You folks have been asking for it and I’m finally able to deliver! After a month of wrangling and going back and forth as to the issue with the feed, Spotify has now resolved the problem and Party Favorz is once again listed. You can follow me by clicking on this link If the link does not open, just copy and paste it into your browser and hit enter.

Additionally, when you’re in the Spotify app, you can click “browse” then click “podcasts” and select the “music” category and browse to my station. You can’t miss the round bright orange-red logo with the Party Favorz insignia and LIVE WORK PLAY DANCE across the bottom.

Unlike Apple Music and Google Play, Spotify limits the number of shows to 200. Currently, it goes back to the George Michael tributes I made at the end of 2016, which is the perfect example for this demonstration.

With each new episode I post, the bottom one (in this case George Michael | Tribute 1963 – 2016) drops off. Even if you have downloaded it to your phone, it will disappear once it falls out of the feed (i.e. no longer available). That means if there are specific go-to sets you don’t want to lose, your best option is to grab them from the website (which couldn’t be any easier to navigate) and manually download it to your PC, Mac or phone. If you download it to your computer/laptop, just hook your phone up via USB and then navigate to the music folder and manually drop it in. Likewise, you can create a folder and name it whatever you want and then drop it in there. This way, you never lose it.

Currently, Apple Music is the only service that allows you to dictate whether or not to delete episodes after you listen to them. With each update, iTunes continues to become more difficult to navigate as they constantly move things around. So it’s there, you just have to hunt for it.

Keep in mind, iTunes will no longer be selling albums and individual songs starting next year and I don’t know how that will affect podcasts going forward as they move everything to a subscription-based model.

Equally, Google has announced their Play music service will be rolled into YouTube Red relatively soon. Once again, I don’t know how that’s going to work. I’ve tried to upload videos of each set but it’s time-consuming and restricted throughout different parts of the world. We’ll just have to wait and see how that will work out. Frankly, I’m shocked that so many people use YouTube as their primary source for music. To me, that’s clunky and cumbersome but to each his own.

I have also added the RSS feed icon to the sidebar of the site for those of you that use a 3rd party app for streaming and downloads. Just copy the link and paste it into whatever app you prefer and it should work just fine.

Party Favorz is still on hiatus and I will begin generating some new sets sometime in mid-May. Until then…ENJOY!

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