Spotify Status

Spotify Status

Spotify StatusWhile I’m working (yet again) on getting Party Favorz reinstated in Spotify, they did send out this message through my podcast host Podbean:

Please note! Message from Spotify: 
“Due to the overwhelming uptake in podcast consumption and podcasters submitting, we are going to be making some back-end updates to better serve both groups. There may be some latency in publishing new feeds during this maintenance period lasting approximately four to six weeks.

Nevermind the fact that I had been listed since March, then it went down and then back up again in late April and then down again in May; I can only assume they’re a bit overwhelmed at the moment with the huge influx of podcast submissions. My only beef is that I was already in there but that’s beyond my control.

At this point, it’s best if everyone just sits back and waits for Spotify to get everything fully in place. Until then, I’m still listed in Apple Music, Google Play, TuneIn, Stitcher and you can also use my RSS feed in any app of your choosing. Just keep in mind the limitation of 300 episodes in the predominant streaming services and even less in others; that’s beyond my control.

For access to everything this site has to offer, coming over to the website and downloading your favorite episodes is your best option. I’ve got this organized fairly well with drop-down menus for each of the primary genres that break-down into sub-genres. In the case of the Diva Hall of Fame and Legacy sections, the dropdown lists each artist individually making it easy to scroll through. If you click on say “Madonna” all of the episodes I’ve created for her are listed on a single page. There’s also “search” on the site, which is great for finding specific songs and which podcasts they’re included in. Oftentimes, a song (or version) may appear in multiple podcasts.

I’ll be back on Friday with something new. Until then…ENJOY!

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