2011 Dance Hits

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Relive the energy of 2011’s biggest dance hits! Chart-topping anthems and underground bangers will transport you back to unforgettable beats and infectious rhythms. Get ready to dance!

Top Dance Songs of 2011 Volume 2

The year 2011 was an exceptional period for dance music, yielding an impressive collection of tunes that not only resonated with the club scene but also transcended it. Some of these top dance songs of 2011 showcased pioneering artists, DJs, and remixers who managed to create memorable tracks that truly left an imprint on the …Read More, Stream and Download

Top Dance Songs of 2011 Volume 1

The year 2011 was undoubtedly a remarkable year in the world of dance music. A plethora of artists and DJs collaborated to produce some of the top dance songs of 2011, generating a memorable collection of tracks that took the global dance scene by storm. A significant contribution came from Latin sensation Gloria Estefan, who …Read More, Stream and Download