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Time Capsule 2012 v4 240

Time Capsule 2012 v4 | Top Dance Hits of the Year

For future reference, when I say I’m going to post something on a specific date, take it with a grain of salt LOL. The intent is always there but something always comes up or happens that prevents me from meeting my self-imposed deadline. I guess better late than never, […]

Time Capsule 2012 v3 240

Time Capsule 2012 v3 | Top Dance Hits of the Year

An interesting takeaway from 2012 is just how prevalent and frankly easy it has become for DJs to take it out of the bedroom and bring their work to the masses.  Seemingly, people are making a name for themselves overnight. Liam Keegan and now Cosmic Dawn come to mind […]

Time Capsule 2012 v2 copy 240

Time Capsule 2012 v2 | Top Dance Hits of the Year

Volume 2 of Time Capsule 2012 has many of my favorite songs of the year. P!nk, Eva Simmons and Sander Van Doorn feat. Mayaeni had my favorite heartbreak songs. Love, anger and doomed relationships seemed to be at the top of my radar this year LOL. However, the brilliant […]

Time Capsule 2012 v1 240

Time Capsule 2012 v1 | Top Dance Hits of the Year

Welcome to the 2012 dance music retrospective. Formerly named the “Year-end Edition,” I thought it was more apropos to retitle these best of sets to what I’ve always referenced them to be. That is, something you’ll want to store away or bury in the backyard for safekeeping. Ten or […]