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Throwback with non-stop dance mixes of the top dance songs from 2012. Relive the beats that ruled the dance floors during this iconic year. Tune in!

Top Dance Songs of 2012 Volume 3

Plunge yourself into the pulse of the dance music scene of 2012 as we delve into the “Top Dance Songs of 2012”. Unveiling the transformative power of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), we spotlight emerging DJ talents who transitioned from bedroom mixing to worldwide recognition, like Cosmic Dawn and Liam Keegan. The unforgettable sentimentality of Swedish …Read More, Stream and Download

Top Dance Songs of 2012 Volume 2

Step into the dynamic world of the “Top Dance Songs of 2012”. Volume 2 showcases the year’s most captivating tracks, each uniquely expressing a myriad of emotions and experiences, from love to heartbreak. The dance floor saw a blend of poignant ballads and electrifying beats in 2012. Artists like P!nk, Eva Simmons, and Sander Van …Read More, Stream and Download

Top Dance Songs of 2012 Volume 1

Experience the pulsating rhythms of the Top Dance Songs of 2012. A year when boy bands clashed, novelty songs dominated, and we lost beloved musical icons. This year witnessed a rich tapestry of dance music, from the alluring tunes of Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch’s ‘Sweet Nothing’ in the stunning Tiesto remix to the heart-pounding …Read More, Stream and Download