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Time Capsule 2013 v4 240

Time Capsule 2K13 v4 | Top Dance Hits of the Year

Finally kicking out the last installment of the Time Capsule 2K13 series. After working on all four sets for the past several months, I can honestly say and predict that EDM as we may know it is on the precipice of plateauing. That’s not to say that it won’t […]

Time Capsule 2013 v3 240

Time Capsule 2K13 v3 | Top Dance Hits of the Year

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I am sending up the third installment of Time Capsule 2K13. Continuing the tradition of years past where I compile the year’s best dance hits, I am beginning to wonder if this multi-set series would be better condensed into maybe two volumes. Actually, […]

Time Capsule 2013 v2 240

Time Capsule 2K13 v2 | Top Dance Hits of the Year

Pushing forward with the second set in the year-end recap I tried to mix it up a bit. Starting with the somber yet brilliant Afrojack take on Keane’s Sovereign Light Café it quickly switches to the more adolescent I Love It, Icona Pop’s summation of petulant youth. Floor bangers […]

Time Capsule 2013 v1 240

Time Capsule 2K13 v1 | Top Dance Hits of the Year

Welcome to the 2K13 Time Capsule Edition, where I attempt to recap the year’s best EDM and squeeze it into four volumes. Not always an easy task as certain songs may be overlooked or didn’t make the cut, while others may question the inclusion of others. While it’s impossible […]