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Throwback with non-stop dance mixes of the top dance songs from 2014. Relive the beats that ruled the dance floors during this iconic year. Tune in!

The cover art for the Top Dance Songs of 2014 Volume 3 with a droid on the red planet

Top Dance Songs of 2014 Volume 3

The Top Dance Songs for 2014 owes its vibrancy to versatile DJs who redefined original productions with their unique touch.The pivotal role of the DJ in 2014’s EDM landscape cannot be understated. These DJs are more than just spinners of records; they’re producers, artists, and influencers in their own right. Foremost among them are EDM …Read More, Stream and Download

Cover art for the Top Dance Songs of 2014 Volume 1 with a futuristic time capsule space walking robot on a distant planet surface

Top Dance Songs of 2014 Volume 1

Dive into the year’s best EDM tracks with Party Favorz’s annual series of Top Dance Songs of 2014. This year marked a transitional phase in the electronic music landscape. While big room anthems continue to saturate the scene, a noticeable shift towards the resurgence of Disco and House music has emerged, undoubtedly spurred by the …Read More, Stream and Download