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Throwback with non-stop dance mixes of the top dance songs from 2017. Relive the beats that ruled the dance floors during this iconic year. Tune in!

Top Dance Songs of 2017 Volume 2

Drown yourself in the vibrant club sounds of 2017 as we delve into the Top Dance Songs of 2017. Despite any prior skepticism about the dance music landscape this year, it brought to the forefront an array of musical masterpieces. Many songs, predominantly from the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genre, were beautifully transformed by remixes …Read More, Stream and Download

Top Dance Songs of 2017 Volume 1

Welcome to our year-end round-up featuring the biggest dance songs of the year, where Party Favorz reflects on the Top Dance Songs of 2017, curated by your humble host. The compilation isn’t just focused on chart successes, but also looks into tunes gaining popularity with DJs and our personal favorites. Despite the diverse spectrum of …Read More, Stream and Download