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Back the 80's pt. 2

Back 2 the 80’s pt. 2 | The Monster Mix

I’m back with of Back 2 the 80’s pt. 2, a monster mix of classic dance hits from the era. I’ve got enough to likely make a third set and maybe even throw in a New Wave version as well. If I do, I’ll post those later in the year. Originally, this …Read More & Download

Back the 80's pt. 1

Back 2 the 80’s pt. 1 | The Monster Mix

Party Favorz is back with Back 2 the 80’s, a monster mix of commercial dance classics from the era. After releasing the Trash Disco series last year, I knew I had to move a decade up as the genre that defined “dance” and “disco” has substantially changed with the introduction of the …Read More & Download

Erasure The Diva Tribute pt.1

Erasure | The DIVA Tribute pt. 1

It’s not the way you lead me by the hand into the bedroom It’s not the way you throw your clothes upon the bathroom floor Been thinking about ya, I just couldn’t wait to see Fling my arms around ya as we fall in ecstasy Ooh, sometimes The truth …Read More & Download

Pure Energy

Pure Energy | BackSpin 80’s

So my last post for Pump Up the Volume was a hot mess of ideas. I’ve gone back and provided more coherence to my ramblings so as to follow-up with this final set. These days, I’ve got a lot of ideas running through my tiny brain and the more …Read More & Download

Pump Up the Volume

Pump Up the Volume | BackSpin 80’s

Continuing where we left off yesterday, the 80’s was a dearth of diversity in musical styles. The primary focus over these three volumes includes industrial music and it’s more commercial off-spring. If anyone watches AMC’s ‘Catch and Halt’ Fire’ you get a really good feel for the time, the …Read More & Download

Hit That Perfect Beat

Hit That Perfect Beat! | BackSpin 80’s

After last year’s 70’s indulgence with the Trash Disco series, Party Favorz is moving a decade forward. In typical fashion, I try to do something that’s not so obvious, which better reflects who I was and what I was into by the end of the decade that was the …Read More & Download

The Diva Series Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys | Mixed-UP I & II | Pet Shop Boys Tribute

With the recent release of Pet Shops Boys latest single “Love etc.” and the highly anticipated “Yes” album to be released on March 23rd (in the U.K. only, U.S. will follow later this year), I decided it was time to dig out a mega-mix I put together in 2007 …Read More & Download