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Groovy Summer Tunes

Beach House 2019 | Groovy Summer Tunes for Your Pool Parties!

As Party Favorz pushes into summer, we’re dropping our annual Beach House edition which is a massive bomb just in time for your 4th of July poolside parties and beach mayhem! This set had been finished over a week ago but new tracks just kept rolling in making me …Read More and Download

A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember | A Trip Through Post-Modern Funky Disco House

Never one to set on my laurels, Party Favorz pulls yet another set out of my ass which sets the stage for your upcoming pool parties and summer fun. With a combination of House Music, Funky House, Jackin House, and NuDisco — A Night To Remember accomplished that in …Read More and Download


Disco Glamour | Get Down To the Latest Funky Disco House Music!

I’m back a bit earlier than expected with the next installment in the Funky Disco House series, “Disco Glamour.” This set stays true to itself in that it delivers the finest NuDisco, House, Deep House and Funky House tracks that are glittering the skies right now! While this set …Read More and Download


A Very Funky House X-Mas | Funky House Music Grooves to Get You Through the Holidays

As promised, Party Favorz is delivering a surprise set of funky house music grooves to help get you through the holidays! A Very Funky House X-Mas arrives just in time for those that need a spiritual boost during what can be a trying time for many. Bad sweaters, eggnog, fruitcake, …Read More and Download

Disco Voyage

Disco Voyagé | Journey Through the Center of Funky House Music!

Though it’s cold, drizzling, and frankly miserable, HAPPY FRIDAY anyway! Party Favorz is proud to roll-out the latest FunkyDiscoHouseShit to lift your spirits this weekend with Disco Voyagé. If anyone needs to be lifted up, it sure as shit is me. When I tried to start my car this …Read More and Download

Summer Farewell Funky Disco House

Summer Farewell 2018 pt. 2 | Soothing Funky Disco House

Forget everything I said about cooling days in my last post. We’re back into high digits and muggy weather and I expect it to continue for some time. Nevertheless, we’re still saying goodbye with the 2018 Summer Farewell pt. 2 set. This time around it’s all about Funky Disco …Read More and Download

Beach House 2018

Beach House 2018 | Funky Disco House for Your Summertime Fun!

Just in time for your Fourth of July, festivities, Party Favorz is back with some brand-spanking new FunkyDiscoHouseShit for your beach and pool parties. Served with a heaping dose of NuDisco and contemporary House Music, Beach House 2018 is bound to have you pull out your rollerskates so you can …Read More and Download

Bionic Boogie

Bionic Boogie | Nu Disco & Smooth House Music to Grease Your Gears for Summer!

I’ve been working on Bionic Boogie for the better part of two weeks. It’s a combination of Nu Disco, House Music, Gospel House, Soulful House, Funk, and re-worked Disco Classics that will help ease you into Summer! The original set was coming in over 2 hours+ and something didn’t …Read More and Download

Disco Cherry

Disco Cherry | Nu Disco and Funky House Favorites!

It’s Friday, which means it’s DISCO time! From Nu Disco and Funk to Soulful, Rap, and Space Disco, Disco Cherry has everything you need to get your boogie on. I need to make a correction to previous statements over the years (and recently) about “My Imagination” by Ceevox. This …Read More and Download

Sweat On The Floor

Sweat on the Floor pt. 1 | Hard-hitting Funky House Music to Kick Off the New Year!

What happens when you accidentally combine all of your funky house music tracks with the underground house music tracks? Obviously, you get Sweat on the Floor! While sorting out the tracks for upcoming sets, I mixed in these two genres and proceeded to start a new Underground House (Deep …Read More and Download

Disco Dust

Disco Dust | Funky House Music That Cools You Down & Heats You Up!

At this rate, finding a job that I’ll not only excel at but pays beyond a living wage is more difficult than I thought. I’ve got my sights on a fast-growing company in the Atlanta region and have been hitting them up on a regular basis. Kinda like a …Read More and Download

Play That Funky Music

Play That Funky Music | The Freshest Funky House

Since this was already finished, I thought I’d throw this up instead of making ya’ll wait until next week. Play That Funky Music is just that; it’s fresh, it’s phatt and it’s funky! That means there won’t be anything for next week as I’ve blown my wad until I …Read More and Download

Pool Party 2017

Pool Party 2017 | Funky House Music for Your Summer Parties!

It’s officially time to kick this shit into gear! Party Favorz is dropping the Pool Party 2017, which is some serious FunkyDiscoHouseShit on the masses. Formerly known as Beach House, Pool Party continues the trend in the summer’s biggest funky house music currently trending. As the music becomes more …Read More and Download

Disco Nights

Disco Nights | Funky Disco House Summer Music Warm-up

In an effort to kickstart summer and the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, I can’t think of anything better than a good ole fashion funky-disco-house throwdown. From House music to Disco and everything in between, we got it all right here for your pool party pleasure. Heck, I even threw …Read More and Download

Living in the City

Living in the City | Fresh Funky Beats for Your Night Time Excursions

HAPPY FRIDAY! As promised, I’m delivering quite possibly one of my favorite funkydiscohouseshit sets in over a year. Not since last year’s ‘We Love to Boogie‘ and ‘Boogie Nights‘ has the music been so diverse, funky and frankly fabulous! ‘Living in the City‘ delivers fresh new beats from Full Intention, …Read More and Download