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Sweat On The Floor

Sweat on the Floor pt. 1 | Hard-hitting Funky House Music to Kick Off the New Year!

What happens when you accidentally combine all of your funky house music tracks with the underground house music tracks? Obviously, you get Sweat on the Floor! While sorting out the tracks for upcoming sets, I mixed in these two genres and proceeded to start a new Underground House (Deep Edition) set that sounded funkier than…

Pool Party 2017

Pool Party 2017 | Funky House Music for Your Summer Parties!

It’s officially time to kick this shit into gear! Party Favorz is dropping the Pool Party 2017, which is some serious FunkyDiscoHouseShit on the masses. Formerly known as Beach House, Pool Party continues the trend in the summer’s biggest funky house music currently trending. As the music becomes more intricate and diverse in its offerings,…

Living in the City

Living in the City | Fresh Funky Beats for Your Night Time Excursions

HAPPY FRIDAY! As promised, I’m delivering quite possibly one of my favorite funkydiscohouseshit sets in over a year. Not since last year’s ‘We Love to Boogie‘ and ‘Boogie Nights‘ has the music been so diverse, funky and frankly fabulous! ‘Living in the City‘ delivers fresh new beats from Full Intention, Fatboy Slim, Jamiroquai, and Blondie! It…

Beach House 2015 v2

Beach House 2015 v2

Happy Friday everybody!  To get your weekend going, I’m putting up part 2 of the disco-funky-house-shit Beach House!  This set starts out all housed-up, then moves into a more disco-funk direction finally winding down with some modern-day house (you know with the deep sound to it), making this an all-around must have for your pool…

Time Capsule 2K14 v4

Time Capsule 2K14 | The Year’s Best House Music

We have finally arrived at the fourth and final volume of the 2014 Time Capsule and this one is a whopper!  This final set focuses on the year’s best house music.  From this summer’s massive feel-good Jubel by Klingande to Duke Dumont’s back to the 90s I Got U, this has been a very good…

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