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The “Peak Hour” channel is for late-night dancefloor dwellers featuring non-stop mixes of Tech House, Bass House, Breaks, Techno, and more.

Rave on a craked concreate floor for the coverart of "Break the Floor" featuring the latest Tech House and Techno songs for summer 2023

The HOTTEST Tech House & Techno Songs of Summer

Party Favorz is back with an electrifying journey that’ll leave you dancing ’til dawn. Get ready to “Break the Floor” with the latest Peak Hour set, a banging collection of some of the summer’s hottest Tech House and Techno songs. Oh, and it’s not just your ordinary set. Let me break it down for you: …Read More, Stream and Download

Rave in Warehouse with red filter and cover art for Throw Your Hands Up featuring the latest tech house

The Latest Tech House, Bass House and Techno

In the midst of moving this weekend, I was able to complete the Peak Hour “Throw Your Hands Up” – a set I finished over a week ago and features the latest Tech House, Bass House, Techno, and more! That being said, I can’t help but notice a trend in the dance music industry. The …Read More, Stream and Download

Coverart for All Fucking Good In Here featuring the latest Tech House with a man's face lit up by multi-color lights at a festival

The Latest Tech House for Peak Hour

Looking for some Peak Hour mayhem for your Spring Break with the latest Tech House? Look no further than Party Favorz! Our latest episode, “All F!@#$%^ Good In Here,” features the biggest and boldest Tech House, Bass House, Techno, and Breakbeat tracks that are sure to keep you pounding the clubs after midnight. While this …Read More, Stream and Download

Grunge black and white picture of chair in the middle of a warehouse

The Ultimate Peak Hour Dance Mix You Can’t Miss

As the weekend comes alive, “Turn Out the Lights” is your go-to set for the Peak Hour vibes. This compilation is a sonic adrenaline rush, rich in various elements from Tech House, Bass House, to Techno and Breaks. Forget the mundane; we’re talking tunes that get your pulse racing and your body moving. Fred Again.. …Read More, Stream and Download