Top Dance Club Songs [2000 – 2009]

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Deep Funky 2007 pt. 2

Deep & Funky 2007 pt. 2 | Expanded and Remastered | Top Dance Hits of the Year

As promised, I’m sending part 2 of the Deep & Funky 2007 Year-end Edition. This set is packed with several of my personal favorites including Booty Luv’s “Boogie 2nite”, Cahill’s “Trippin On You” Degrees of Motion’s updated “Do You Want It Right Now” Tony Moran & Martha Wash’s “Keep […]

Deep Funky

Deep & Funky 2007 pt. 1 | Expanded and Remastered | Top Dance Hits of the Year

In my last post, I asked if anyone had some older mixes that I long ago lost due to a hard drive crash. I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Dean and Marshall for making it happen. The BPM Edition 2009 v5, which was originally 4 sets has […]

BackSpin Addicted To Bass

Addicted to Bass | BackSpin

Party Favorz is back with the second half of the early millennial BackSpin throwback posted yesterday.   Addicted to Bass follows in the same steps as the earlier set with really deep, dark and delicious beats, all of which were monster hits at the time of their release.  The sounds […]

BackSpin Feels So Good

Feels So Good | BackSpin

Happy Friday everyone!  As you can see, Party Favorz has been able to keep the doors open because of the AWESOMENESS of you folks.  I want to give a BIG-ASS thanks to those of you whose donations made all of this possible.  Seriously, your generosity really means a lot […]

House Classics v6 1 e1478226891907

Movin’ Too Fast | Millennial House Classics v6

As promised, I’m sending up the sixth and final set in the Millennial House Classics series and this IS  a monster!  Movin’ Too Fast is the final layer of what are the most influential house classics from the first 10 years of the millennium.  From Bob Marley vs. Funkstar […]

House Classics v5 5 1 e1478226905637

Can’t Get Enough | Millennial House Classics v5

Picking up where we left off, Can’t Get Enough of the Millennial House Classics series takes us up around the bend for the final stretch due next week.  There are so many personal favorites on this particular set that it reads like a who’s who list of massive House […]

House Classics v4 1 e1478226860136

Get Up n’ Dance | Millennial House Classics v4

You might have been asking yourself “whatever happened to the rest of those Millennial House Classics he had been promising?”  Seriously dude, WTF?  Well, that question has been answered because I’m laying down the fourth installment.  These have all been in the can for some time now, but I […]

House Classics v31

Release Your Mind | Millennial House Classics v3

Party Favorz is back with the third installment of the Millennial House Classics series.  “Release Your Mind” delves into the seriously straight house hits from the first ten years, which includes Agnes’s global hit “Release Me” from the end of the first decade and signaled a shift in direction […]

House Classics v2

Turn It Up | MIllennial House Classics v2

What exactly constitutes a “house classic?”  For that matter, what makes any song a classic?  Generally, we think songs that were so huge back in the day and had universal appeal are classics.  Sure, they are but what about a song that was regional or only received minor play […]

House Classics v1

Let’s Get Busy | Millennial House Classics v1

I started this project earlier this year and had been working on it off and on between other posts.  Frankly, it was finished a few months ago and I had shelved it until now.  Millennial House Classics is basically an extension of the original 90s House Classics but focuses […]

Back Spin 2 240

Back Spin v3

I logged into work this morning only to be kicked out, which left me scratching my head. I went back and checked my schedule and it seems my company went in and canceled my early hours this morning leaving me time to go ahead and post the next installment […]

Back Spin 3 240

Back Spin v2

I finally had some free time to post some sets in the Back Spin series that I had been promising but sat on for several months. BS2 and the companion to this set BS3 track the mid to late millennium burgeoning underground EDM scene. Actually, it was the tipping […]