X-mas Dance

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The “X-mas Dance” channel contains non-stop holiday songs re-imagined for the dance floor. These are the holiday classics with a twist!

Abstract Christmas Tree, X-mas Dance 2021 vol. 2

EDM Christmas Dance Party Mix 2021 Volume 2

Well HO! HO! HO! After careful consideration as to what I will likely do next year — I decided to go ahead and drop the ultimate EDM Christmas dance party mix for everyone’s enjoyment. Well, maybe not everyone. This special edition EDM set features a variety of genres including Electro House, Dubstep, Trance, Trap, Hip-Hop, …Read More, Stream and Download

Abstract Christmas Tree, X-mas Dance 2021

Ultimate Christmas Dance Mix: X-mas Dance 2021 Volume 1

Party Favorz is wrapping up November with X-mas Dance 2021, the ultimate Christmas Dance Mix and we’ve gone overboard to bring newer holiday sounds remixed for the dance floor along with fan favorites from over the years. There were so many new remixes available — there was enough to make an EDM/Dance Club version but honestly, …Read More, Stream and Download

Disco Ball, Santa Hat, Holiday Dance Music

X-mas Dance 2020 | Step Into the Holiday Season with a Christmas Dance Mix

As an avowed atheist, some of you may wonder why I bother dropping the X-mas Dance mix every year. I grew up in the Catholic church and for all the drama, the piss poor education, the failed attempt to teach creationism alongside actual science for which I questioned everything and was punished by Sister Ursula …Read More, Stream and Download