Year In Dance 2014 Volume 2

Time Capsule 2K14 v2I’m back with the 2nd installment of the 2014 Time Capsule year-end round-up.  Overall, this year felt a bit restrained as far as EDM is concerned.  Sure we had our fun obligatory dance-craze song #Selfie by the Chainsmokers.  Previous year winners were Eat Sleep Rave Repeat by Fatboy Slim, Gangnam Style by PSY, Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce, you get the picture.  No harm no foul, these songs were a great deal of fun.  Even Idina Menzel’s (Broadway, Glee) Let It Go (taken from the massive Disney movie Frozen) was a HUGE hit and one song that I still can’t digest LOL.

What we didn’t have were big-name releases by veterans like Rihanna or Madonna much-less any of the other hefty members in the industry.  This was not necessarily a bad thing since B and Katy’s 2013 late-year releases carried through much of 2014.  This allowed newcomer Kiesza to really shine with her debut Hideaway.  Equally, the trash-talking Azealia Banks finally dropped her album to critical acclaim.  Fortunate for her Chasing Time is an excellent song and overall reviews are positive, otherwise, the media would have strung her up on a cross and let her slowly bleed.

In 2014, we also celebrated the booty like no other time I can recall since Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back from the early 90s.  Newcomer Meghan Trainer’s All About the Bass, with its signature 60s throwback beat, was a massive hit.  Niki Minaj’s Anaconda and Jennifer Lopez with Iggy Azalea’s Booty were equally popular, allowing everyone to celebrate the big juicy peach.  Not to be outdone, Kim Kardashian took it to the highest of highs gracing the cover in Papermag (which I’ve never heard of until now) showcasing her massive greasy, Botox, Photoshopped, unnatural and unrealistic cartoon size derrière.  At this point, I think we’ve all just about had all the ass we can handle.  Yes, leave it to Kim’s self-aggrandizing to leave us with an empty peach-pit in our stomachs.

To be certain, it was a great year for Beyonce whose unannounced album drop at the end of 2013 was one of the most commercially and critically accepted releases of the year.  Equally, Ariana Grande came out from seemingly nowhere and proved herself as a viable (yes the girl can freaking sing) and appealing pop artist.  Let’s face it, Problem was in our face all summer long.  I am still reeling from listening to Dirty Pop with Lance Bass (N’SYNC) and company who gave the song a thumbs down and questioned why she would be coupled with Iggy Azalea (another winner this year).  They thought the song wasn’t catchy and too gritty for this teen-pop princess.  That was the first time I heard the song on the radio and found myself screaming at my car radio when he was reviewing the song.  I was like WTF?  Just because you were in a wildly popular boy-band from the 90s doesn’t exactly give you the expertise to understand popular music now.  Don’t get me wrong, I love his show but he should really leave the song reviews (which they do every Friday) to those with a little more understanding with what’s happening now, not yesteryear LOL.

I’m gonna jump down from my soap-box and let you folks be the judge.  We still have two more sets to go.  I’ve also got a HUGE surprise that will go up shortly and another by the end of the week, he he he.  Make sure to keep an eye on Party Favorz, our Facebook page or Twitter because you never know what goodies I have up my sleeve.

Until then …ENJOY!

Album : Time Capsule 2K14 | Volume 2
Genre : EDM, Electro, Commercial
Year : 2014
Total Time : 01:18:28

1. Beyoncé – Drunk In Love (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)

2. David Guetta & Showtek feat. Vassy – Bad (Club Mix)

3. Idina Menzel – Let It Go (Papercha$er Club Remix)

4. John Legend – All Of Me (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)

5. Kiesza – Hideaway (Dzeko & Torres Remix)

6. Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong (Cosmic Dawn 2014 Remix)

7. Robbie Rivera & The EKGs – What To Do Now (Lahox & Robbie Rivera Mix)

8. Maroon 5 – Animals (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)

9. Mary Lambert feat. B.o.B – Secrets (Jump Smokers Extended Remix)

10. The Chainsmokers – #Selfie (Club Mix Dirty)

11. Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX – Fancy (The Scene Kings Dirty Remix)

12. The Bello Boys feat. Kat DeLuna – Last Call (JKGD Club Mix)

13. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off (Jad Desenchanntee vs. Dave Aude Remix Extended).wav

14. A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera – Say Something (Kill The Buzz Club Remix)

15. Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix & DVBBS feat. Aleesia – Gold Skies (Original Mix)

16. Alesso feat. Tove Lo – Heroes (We Could Be) (Extended Mix)

17. Tiesto – Red Lights (Original Mix)

18. Ariana Grande feat. Zedd – Break Free (Extended Mix)

19. Demi Lovato feat. Cher Lloyd – Really Don’t Care (Cole Plante Remix)

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