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iTunes X mas Dance ChannelThe “X-mas Dance” channel features holiday songs re-imagined for the dance floor. These are the holiday classics we never get tired of!

X-mas Dance 2k18

X-Mas Dance 2K18 | The Ultimate Non-stop Christmas Dance Mix!

I see many of you have already been hitting up on last year’s X-Mas Dance Mix. FYI, all past Christmas dance mixes are still available on the site by clicking here. I’ve been holding out for some new entries and only three came through. Out of those, only one […]

X mas Dance 2K17

X-mas Dance Mix 2K17 | The Ultimate Holiday Dance Mix!

Surprise! As Party Favorz winds down our 10th year, I found myself with some extra time and decided to pull together that one killer holiday dance set that I felt I had not yet achieved. X-mas Dance Mix 2K17 achieves that goal and more. Pulling together my favorite seasonal […]

X mas Dance 2016

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Again)!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (again)! That time where we stuff ourselves with turkey, fight over politics with family and friends, sleep it off, watch football and parades and try to get the best steals on gifts for loved ones or ourselves. In an effort to […]

X mas Dance 2016

X-mas Dance 2K16

HO! HO! HO! I wasn’t sure how to pull this off but somehow I managed. I had several dance tunes leftover from X-mas Dance 2010 and 2K14 that I wasn’t sure how to incorporate into a cohesive set. With a few new entries showing up and help from our […]

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Baby It’s Christmas

Les from Static Sessions, who is one of Party Favorz longtime followers sent me his Christmas dance remix yesterday and I was so impressed, I got his permission to post it to the site. If you need a lot more energy to get your holiday spirits up, this set […]

X mas Dance Mix 2K14

X-mas Dance Mix 2K14

HO HO HO!!! I swear on mother’s grave, I didn’t realize I had enough songs to put this thing together.  When the new Kelly Clarkson “Wrapped In Red” remix rolled in, I added it to a folder called “Christmas Dance Unreleased” that contains holiday dance songs I was saving […]

xmas dance mix 240

X-mas Dance Mix

On the eve of Thanksgiving, as we start to think about the things in life for which we are grateful, I could think of no better time to kick off the holiday season than with a little X-mas cheer. Resurrected from last year and the two years prior, I […]

Christmas Edition 2007

Christmas Edition 2007

I decided I wanted the Party Favorz site to match the residence, so I went ahead and decorated on both fronts.  Actually, Rick and I don’t put up decorations until the weekend of Thanksgiving.  However, we both agreed we needed some Holiday cheer sooner rather than later.  So, we […]