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Peter Rauhofer Dance Music Tribute Volume 2

The indelible footprint of Peter Rauhofer in the dance music landscape is not something easily overlooked. His rise to prominence began with Club 69, a project that made waves in the 90s and solidified his status as a groundbreaking producer. Songs like Suzanne Palmer’s “Muscles” were iconic Club 69 offerings that took the dance music …Read More, Stream and Download

Peter Rauhofer Dance Music Tribute Volume 1

In the wake of Peter Rauhofer’s untimely departure, what better way to immortalize his indelible imprint on the dance music world than to celebrate his remarkable contributions? You might wonder, “Why include him in The Diva Series?” Make no mistake, Peter was a diva in his own right—highly talented, fiercely independent, and unafraid to stir …Read More, Stream and Download