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Dive into the world of DJ Victor Calderone with the electrifying Victor Calderone tribute series. These non-stop dance mixes celebrate the genius work of the master himself, who rose to prominence as a protege of the legendary Madonna. Experience the mesmerizing beats and captivating energy that have made Calderone a true icon in the dance music scene. Get ready to dance the night away and drown yourself in the musical brilliance of Victor Calderone!

Victor Calderone Tribute Volume 3

Victor Calderone Dance Music Tribute Volume 3

Returning with the final installment of our tribute series to the extraordinary Victor Calderone, we’ve handpicked some tracks that truly define the maestro’s versatility and influence. Highlights from this concluding volume include the ethereal sounds of “Beautiful” by Mandalay, Madonna’s chart-topping “Die Another Day,” and the soulful gospel groove of Mary Mary’s “Shackles (Praise You)” …Read More, Stream and Download

Victor Calderone Tribute Volume 2

Victor Calderone Dance Music Tribute Volume 2

Get ready for Volume 2 of our Victor Calderone Dance Music Tribute, where we dive deep into the treasure trove that is Victor Calderone’s versatile remix portfolio. This edition brings you an assortment of chart-toppers, iconic hits, and some unexpected bootlegs that showcase the depth of Calderone’s mastery over the turntables. One track that demands …Read More, Stream and Download

Victor Calderone Tribue Volume 1

Victor Calderone Dance Music Tribute Volume 1

I’ve been planning a Victor Calderone tribute series for some time, aiming to spotlight the celebrated aspects of his prolific career. With a treasure trove of his mixes stored in a dedicated folder, I finally carved out the time to assemble these sets—and trust me, they’re absolute roof-raisers that Victor Calderone fans will love. Delving …Read More, Stream and Download