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Erasure | The DIVA Tribute Volume 2

The second half of the DIVA Tribute focuses on Erasure’s output from the mid-90s and on. Their writing remained sharp and focused like the uplifting rally cry of “Freedom,” the absolutely beautiful “Sacred” “Be With You” and “If I Could Fall in Love With You”. While I skipped over their remake of Cerrone’s “Supernature” a …Read More, Stream and Download

Erasure | The DIVA Tribute Volume 1

In late 1986, I moved back home from Austin because I hadn’t started college right after graduation and needed to get something going. I went back to work for C&C Music/Video, a company I worked for two years for in high school. “Oh L’amour” had already been a massive club hit but I hadn’t given …Read More, Stream and Download