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Discover the infectious beats of Purple Disco Machine, an artist who caught my attention during a memorable scene on HBO’s “Looking.” His remix of “Do You Feel the Same” by Hercules & Love Affair became the soundtrack of a captivating moment, evoking both uncertainty and desire. With a knack for transforming 80s dance into mainstream gold, Purple Disco Machine has become one of my favorite modern-era DJ remixers. Get ready to groove and let the music take you there with this tribute mix!

Catching Up With Purple Disco Machine 2021 [Expanded]

Purple Disco Machine: The Unpredictable Maestro of Funky House Music

Emerging on the dance music scene over a decade ago, Germany’s Tino Piontek—better known as Purple Disco Machine—has carved a unique niche for himself in the realm of electronic dance music. An artist who refuses to be pigeonholed, Piontek has managed to remain on the cutting edge while dipping his toes into various sub-genres. The …Read More, Stream and Download

Purple Disco Machine

Purple Disco Machine: A 2018 Retrospective of Dance Music’s Rising Star

Emerging from the German dance scene, Tino Piontek, famously known as Purple Disco Machine, initiated his journey in the dance music realm back in 2009. He caught our ears after we tuned into an episode of HBO’s “Looking.” In a particularly captivating dance scene featuring “Do You Feel the Same” by Hercules & Love Affair, …Read More, Stream and Download