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Join the groove with our Freemasons tribute mix, highlighting their best-known dance hits. Step into the vibrant soundscape of this stellar production team. Tune in now!

Celebrating the Freemasons: A Dance Tribute to Ignite Your Summer of Pride

As Loleatta once sang, “I’m Ride On Time.” With that timeless nod to diva legend, it’s clear we’re about to step into something fabulous. In the spirit of Pride and all things dance-worthy, we’re diving into a tribute mix dedicated to the Freemasons, the masterminds behind some of our all-time favorite gay anthems. The Freemasons …Read More, Stream and Download

A Deep Dive into Freemasons Volume 2

 Let’s immerse ourselves in the sensational world of Freemasons, the venerated architects behind some of the most iconic House tracks we know today. Their musical ingenuity became evident with the release of their 2007 album “Shakedown,” which they followed with the equally captivating “Shakedown II.” If you think the Freemasons are only about remixes, think …Read More, Stream and Download

Catching Up with Freemasons Volume 1

The Ingenious Journey of Freemasons in House Music — Volume 1

  If you’ve ever found yourself lost in the kaleidoscopic soundscape of house music, chances are you’ve stumbled upon the dynamic work of Freemasons. As architects of genre-bending beats and compelling remixes, this British duo—consisting of Russell Small and James Wiltshire—has left an indelible mark on the dance floor. For starters, their touch on Luther …Read More, Stream and Download