Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

The Ingenious Journey of Freemasons in House Music — Volume 1


If you’ve ever found yourself lost in the kaleidoscopic soundscape of house music, chances are you’ve stumbled upon the dynamic work of Freemasons. As architects of genre-bending beats and compelling remixes, this British duo—consisting of Russell Small and James Wiltshire—has left an indelible mark on the dance floor.

For starters, their touch on Luther Vandross’ “Shine” transforms the soulful classic into an electrifying anthem. Their interpretation not only elevates the track but offers a new facet of Vandross’ vocal prowess.

Dirty Old Ann’s “Turn Me On” is another masterstroke by Freemasons. Their remix adds nuance and rhythmic intricacy, setting an atmosphere that feels like a high-octane midnight drive. It’s reimagining, not just remixing.

Kelly Rowland’s “Work” also received the Freemasons treatment. The remix accentuates the danceable elements of the song, turning it into a pulsating rhythm escapade that remains a staple in clubs across the globe.

Freemasons didn’t shy away from an eclectic palette, either. Take Funk Fanatics and Peyton’s “Love Is The Answer.” Their version brought an appealing twist to the song, adding layers of house-inflected melody and a driving beat that epitomizes danceable euphoria.

They’ve also lent their remix talents to Angie Stone’s “I Wasn’t Kidding,” maintaining the core elements while injecting a club-ready liveliness that gives it a fresh and invigorating feel.

Collaborating with Amanda Wilson on “Love On My Mind,” the Freemasons created an instant classic. The track is intricately crafted, laced with infectious rhythms and topped with Wilson’s soul-stirring vocals.

Not to be overlooked, their work on Beyonce’s “Greenlight” redefined the song as a club anthem. The Freemasons Club Vox version perfectly encapsulates the duo’s ability to refashion a pop track into a house music jewel.

From Supafly Inc.’s “Moving Too Fast” to Faith Evans’ gay anthem “Mesmerized,” and all the way to their 2006 touch on Barbara Tucker’s “Most Precious Love,” Freemasons continue to wield an unparalleled influence in the house music sphere.

Through their distinctive, genre-defying style, Freemasons have taken house music into uncharted territory. From dynamic collaborations to their captivating remixes, they have established themselves as stalwarts of the house music scene, continually redefining what the genre can be.

This is the first of two volumes honoring these House Music virtuosos and the second honoring the talents of artists and DJs (living or deceased) who have made massive contributions to House Music. It is our greatest honor to induct Freemasons into our Legacy series.

Album : Catching Up with Freemasons
Genre : Dance, House, Funky
Year : 2009
Total Time : 2:09:42.00

1. Shine – Luther Vandross

2. Turn Me On – Dirty Old Ann

3. Work – Kelly Rowland

4. Love Is The Answer – Funk Fanatics feat. Peyton

5. I Wasn’t Kidding – Angie Stone

6. Love On My Mind – with Amanda Wilson

7. Greenlight – Beyonce

8. Moving Too Fast – Supafly Inc.

9. Rain Down Love (Walken Extended Mix) – with Siedah Garrett

10. You’re Not Alone Now – with Julie Thompson

11. Mesmerized – Faith Evans

12. Take Me 2 The Sun – Disco Freaks

13. Disco’s Revenge – Gusto

14. I Decided – Solange

15. Nothing But A Heartache – with Sylvia Mason James

16. Keep This Fire Burning – Outsiders feat. Amanda Wilson

17. Most Precious Love 2006 – Blaze pres. Barbara Tucker

18. Sexual Healing – Alibi vs. Rockefeller

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