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Kelly Rowland | The Diva Series | Updated

Party Favorz has inducted Beyoncé and Destiny's Child into the Diva Hall of Fame. However, this doesn't paint the full picture of the continued success of DC's members. Kelly Rowland was an original member of Destiny's Child but also had a great deal of success on her own.

In between albums, she released her debut "Simply Deep" which included the massively successful duet with Nelly titled "Dilemma." The album went on to sell 2.5 million copies. After the members of Destiny's Child disbanded in 2006, she released her second album "Ms. Kelly" which spun out the hits "Like This" and "Work."

It wasn't until her collaboration with David Guetta on the massive worldwide hit "When Love Takes Over" that she began to dabble in the EDM scene. Her third album "Here I Am" spawned the worldwide hit "Commander" as well as the R&B/Hip-Hop #1 "Motivation."

Soon after, she collaborated with multiple producers in the dance music scene generating additional international club hits. While Kelly continues to work and/or make appearances on television, it's our hope that she continues her long successful streak in the dance music scene. Her vocal abilities are second to none and with the expanding sub-genres in house music, there is more than enough to fit her style.

It is with great pleasure that Party Favorz inducts Ms. Kelly Rowland into the Diva Hall of Fame. Enjoy!

There is a change in track listing from the original post.
 Album: Kelly Rowland – The Diva Series
 Genre: Club, Dance, Circuit
 Year: 2018
 Total Time: 01:35:56
  1. Dilemma (Craig Knight & Craig Holden Remix) [with Nelly]
  2. Kelly Rowland - What A Feeling (Extended Mix) [with Alex Gaudino]

  3. It's The Way You Love Me (Extended Club Version) [with David Guetta]

  4. Kelly Rowland - Summer Dreaming 2012 (Extended Mix) [with Project B]

  5. Motivation (Ill Factor & Linney Remix) [feat. Lil Wayne]

  6. Comeback (Karmatronic Remix)

  7. Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over (Original Mix) [with David Guetta]

  8. Commander (Extended Mix) [with David Guetta]

  9. Forever And A Day (Antoine Clamaran Extended Mix)

  10. Daylight (Joey Negro Club Mix)

  11. Like This (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Club Mix) [with Eve]

  12. Commander (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix) [with David Guetta]

  13. Still In Love With My Ex (Chris Cox Club Anthem)

  14. Down For Whatever (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Club Mix)

  15. Work (Freemasons Club Mix)

  16. Can't Nobody (Maurice's Nu Soul Club Mix)

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