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Collage of divas including Debbie Harry, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Donna Sumer and Beyonce for the cover art of the Diva Hall of Fame CategoryThe “Diva Hall of Fame” channel honors the DIVAS gay men adore with non-stop dance mixes that celebrate the greatest divas of the dancefloor.”

Celebrating Tina Turner: A Tribute Dance Mix Honoring the Queen of Rock & Soul

Tina Turner (born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26, 1939) — the trailblazing, irrepressible “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” — has passed away. Her impact on music and pop culture cannot be overstated. In her honor, Party Favorz is reposting her induction into the Diva Hall of Fame, celebrating a life and career that transcended …Read More, Stream and Download

Donna Summer the Queen of Disco on a black and white holding a microphone live in concert

Donna Summer the Queen of Disco — The Casablanca Years Revisited

Donna Summer, the queen of Disco, a name synonymous with the divas of the music industry, has rightfully earned her place in the prestigious Diva Hall of Fame. Alongside icons like Diana Ross, Cher, and Madonna, Donna Summer’s legacy as the Queen of Disco is undisputed. With the recent release of the Neil Bogart biopic …Read More, Stream and Download

K.D. Lang, Diva Hall of Fame

KD Lang | The Diva Series | Updated

KD Lang is Canadian pop and country singer known for hits such as “Constant Craving” and “Miss Chatelaine” from her Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum album “Ingénue .”  She came on my radar in 1989 riding high on the “cowpunk” trend of the late 80s that included BoDeans and Lone Justice.  For me, that label wasn’t …Read More, Stream and Download

Coverart for Taylor Swift Club Taylor Volume 2 from Reputation outtake photo with black and white daisy background.

Club Taylor Volume II | The Diva Series

Today, we’re highlighting the prodigious talent of Taylor Swift with the second volume of Club Taylor. Known as the defining voice of her generation, Taylor is a monumental figure in songwriting. Her record sales, surpassing 200 million worldwide, showcase her power and influence in an industry often skewed towards men. Joining the ranks of our …Read More, Stream and Download