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Janet Jackson: The Diva Series Volume 2 – The Millennium Remixes and Club Chart Triumphs

Janet Jackson’s evolution as a musical icon didn’t halt as the 90s came to a close; it merely shifted gears. Embracing the pulsating energies of the new millennium’s club scene, Janet successfully transitioned her sound to resonate with the latest dance music trends. It’s a journey amplified by collaborations with renowned DJs like Tony Moran, …Read More, Stream and Download

Janet Jackson: The Breakout Years | Diva Series Volume 1

As the youngest member of the illustrious Jackson family, Janet Jackson entered the music industry with high expectations. While her first two albums didn’t make a splash, it was her third outing, “Control,” that transformed her into a musical juggernaut. Working with iconic producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Janet abandoned the saccharine pop of …Read More, Stream and Download