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Body shot of ripped man with cutout leather top and short leather hot pants for the cover art of Circuit & Anthems categoryThe “Circuit & Anthems” channel is a vibrant celebration of iconic gay circuit party music, featuring non-stop mixes that capture the spirit of the dance floor. This channel is a tribute to legendary Divas and timeless gay anthems, creating an atmosphere of empowerment and joy. From pulsating beats to soaring vocals, each mix is a curated journey through the heart of gay culture, offering listeners an exhilarating escape into a world of rhythm, energy, and pride.

Beefy shirtless cowboy in jeans sitting on a post for the cover art of Fall Edition 2023 featuring the biggest circuit anthems of the season.

Cranking Up the Heat with the Hottest Circuit Anthems: Fall Edition 2023!

Folks, it’s that time again! Party Favorz is turning up the volume with our annual Fall Edition for 2023, featuring HOT cowboys and, you guessed it, the most electrifying circuit anthems around. If you’re ready to sweat, you’re in the right place. The Bryan Adams Revival: A Circuit Anthem Feast Our journey begins with a …Read More, Stream and Download

Ripped guy pulling his t-shirt up showing off his abs with open jeans for the cover art of the Summer Edition 2023 featuring the biggest circuit anthems and circuit tribal house music.

SIZZLING HOT Circuit Anthems of Summer!

As if this hasn’t been the hottest summer ever recorded, Party Favorz is back and ready to heat up your summer even further with our annual Summer Edition for 2023 featuring a pulsating lineup of circuit anthems with the biggest circuit tribal house! This time, the beat is wild, and the rhythm is tribal. We’re …Read More, Stream and Download

shirtless hunky bear holidng up gay pride flag for Pride Edition 2023 coverart for the biggest Gay Pride Circuit Anthems

The Biggest Gay Pride Circuit Anthems

Party Favorz is thrilled to return with our annual Pride Edition for 2023, stepping back into the limelight with the most heart-pounding Gay Pride circuit anthems that are taking center stage at festivals and gay events worldwide. Our last offering of an unforgettable collection of circuit anthems was during our 2023 Spring Edition. Unfortunately, we …Read More, Stream and Download

Cute shirtless twink with rainbow shorts and angel wings for the cover art of Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2023 volume 2

Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2023 Volume 2

As the wave of Gay Pride celebrations swells across the globe, Party Favorz is set to keep the rainbow connection alive and kicking with the release of Volume 2 of the 2023 Gay Anthems For A New Generation series. This sequel compilation is brimming with reimagined gay anthems by industry legends such as Donna Summer, …Read More, Stream and Download

Two twinks kissing at a gay pride event for the cover of Gay Anthems for a New Generation 2023 featuring the most iconic gay pride anthems for 2023

Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2023 Volume 1

Party Favorz returns with our much-anticipated annual release: Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2023! This compilation celebrates iconic modern Gay Pride anthems and their importance to the LGBTQ+ community. The 2023 selection revitalizes legendary anthems from the past half-century, presenting them in an updated format for today’s dancefloors. We bring you the most emblematic, …Read More, Stream and Download

Shirtless ripped Hideo Muraoka in jeans for the coverart of the Spring Edition 2023 featuring the hottest gay circuit anthems.

The Biggest Circuit Anthems of Spring

Party Favorz is excited to announce the release of the 2023 Spring Edition, featuring the hottest gay circuit anthems of the season. This set includes two tribute songs to Irene Cara: “What A Feeling” by Mor Avrahami and Ran Ziv featuring Ilor Bar, and “Fame” by Black Flamingo and Mar Shine featuring Choir+. The updated …Read More, Stream and Download

Sexy, muscular Santa covered in grime for the coverart of Holiday Edition 2022 featuring the latest circuit anthems

Holiday Edition 2022 — Get Filthy with the Biggest Circuit Anthems of the Season!

Brace yourselves for a thrilling musical journey as Party Favorz leaps ahead of the calendar to bring you the annual Holiday Edition for 2022, a heart-pounding compilation of Circuit Anthems that is certain to make your year-end celebrations unforgettable. Designed to ensure that we fulfill all of our commitments to you, our dedicated music lovers, …Read More, Stream and Download

The Biggest Circuit Anthems of the Season! : FALL EDITION 2022

The ATL has finally started to cool down while Party Favorz keeps heating up with our annual Fall Edition featuring the biggest circuit anthems of the season! I decided not to make everyone wait another week for this drop because I was able to get a couple of major things out of the way earlier …Read More, Stream and Download