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The “Circuit & Anthems” channel contains non-stop mixes of gay circuit party music with larger-than-life Divas and gay anthems. 

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Spring Edition 2023 — The Biggest Circuit Anthems of the Season

Party Favorz is excited to announce the release of the 2023 Spring Edition, featuring the hottest circuit anthems of the season. This set includes two tribute songs to Irene Cara: “What A Feeling” by Mor Avrahami and Ran Ziv featuring Ilor Bar, and “Fame” by Black Flamingo and Mar Shine featuring Choir+. The updated versions …Read More, Stream and Download

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Holiday Edition 2022 — Get Filthy with the Biggest Circuit Anthems of the Season!

The mismatched beats between “Work” by Hugo Sanchez and “Gurl” by Alex Ramos & Alan T have been fixed. Party Favorz is racing toward the end of the year to ensure we meet all of our obligations. Consequently, the 2022 Holiday Edition is dropping earlier than promised. I’m certain that won’t be an issue for …Read More, Stream and Download

FALL EDITION 2022 | The Biggest Circuit Anthems of the Season!

The ATL has finally started to cool down while Party Favorz keeps heating up with our annual Fall Edition! I decided not to make everyone wait another week for this drop because I was able to get a couple of major things out of the way earlier in the week. A lot is going on …Read More, Stream and Download

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Summer Edition 2022 | Summer’s Hottest Circuit Anthems

It’s been a hot minute since our last Circuit & Anthems set and for a good reason. Party Favorz was doling out a marathon of gay anthem classics that 1) there wasn’t enough time to complete a circuit set for Pride and 2) there weren’t enough worthy new tracks to compile a Pride set. The …Read More, Stream and Download