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Cher 2018 - The Diva Series

Cher 2018 | The Diva Series

Cher is a woman who requires no introduction. For 60 years, the DIVA has been a multi-talented singer, actress, and businesswoman that has accumulated an accolade of awards from Grammy’s, Oscars, Emmy, and Golden Globes and was recently honored by the Kennedy Center. Her contribution to pop culture cannot be understated. Recently, she gave a …Read More, Stream and Download

Cher | The Diva Series

Cher kicked off her Dressed To Kill tour last night in Arizona (among all places, clear throat).  I consider this the Farewell, Farewell tour but then again, never say never.  As she famously said on the last go-around, she’d still tour when she’s toothless and her tits are hanging down to her knees and we’d …Read More, Stream and Download