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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Cher 2018 | The Diva Series

Cher is a woman who requires no introduction. For 60 years, the DIVA has been a multi-talented singer, actress, and businesswoman that has accumulated an accolade of awards from Grammy’s, Oscars, Emmy, and Golden Globes and was recently honored by the Kennedy Center. Her contribution to pop culture cannot be understated.

Recently, she gave a sit-down interview to the Washington Post that is worth the read.

The woman is an active Twitter user with her own unique style of tweeting her political points of view and disgust with the current administration.

For us gay men, we love her precisely because of who she is and what she represents. Cher is the epitome of a true DIVA and is the gift that keeps on giving.

With her recent turn in the movie musical “Mama Mia! Here We Go Again,” she honored us with her rendition of the classic ABBA tunes “Fernando” and “Super Trouper.” Inspired to cover more classic ABBA tracks, she went on to release a full album of classics by the Swedish pop group adored by many (including this writer) from around the world. The album was critically acclaimed with its debut landing at #3 on the Billboard Top 200 as well as #1 in Top Album Sales Chart (a best for her lengthy career).

Enter Barry Harris and his devotion to the queen. He has magically re-imagined many of these tracks from her new release “Dancing Queen” and Party Favorz has mixed them in with some of Cher’s most iconic songs during her decades of music recording, culminating into one giant Cher wet dream for the true believers.

It is with great honor and respect that Party Favorz once again inducts the fabulous Cher into the Diva Hall of Fame. ENJOY!

Album: Cher 2018 | The Diva Series
Genre: House, Dance, Club
Year: 2018
Total Time: 02:50:23
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