Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Inaya Day | The Diva Series

We are now at the most important part of this morning’s post, which is the long overdue induction into the Diva Hall of Fame of the one and only Inaya Day.

I was browsing around the Billboard club charts a month or so ago and stumbled across a section I had NEVER seen before called GREATEST OF ALL TIME TOP DANCE CLUB ARTISTS. I’ll be damned if every DIVA in the Diva Series isn’t listed there. I mean, I hit them ALL + all the fan-boy favorites (US Only) who only had a couple of hits (Jennifer Holliday, Jewel, and Stevie Nicks come to mind).

However, one lady was sitting in at #12 who was always on my list but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. She is the one and only, incomparable Miss Inaya Day.  Holy bat crap! How did I not get to this sooner? Heck, she even bests Miss Barbara Tucker by 51 charts points and y’all know I love me some BT.

Since I’ve been driving around all over god’s green acres, I’ve had plenty of time to play this set over and over and OVER! Heck, if it were a cassette, I’d have to go out and purchase a new one by now.

This set will BLOW your mind because it’s that good. Inaya Day has also worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and isn’t just circuit; she’s House Music, she’s Gospel, she’s R&B and she is Soul. However, this set is geared towards the circuit boys, and for good reason. It’s all about our love and appreciation for you, your beauty, and your talent. Our boy Peter Rauhofer is also represented here not once but twice. Throw in her sparring partner Miss China Ro, Mike Cruz, and the good ole boys from Swishcraft and you got yourself a recipe for one hell of a party.

If we can get the boys at Swishcraft to promote this set; her bookings will go through the roof. She can call it I Take My Problems to the Dancefloor Tour (bill it as a greatest hits tour) and hopefully work out something amicable with Nervous Records. The t-shirts alone would be HOT property.

So without further ado, Party Favorz is proud to finally pay respect to the indisputable queen of everything by inducting Miss Day into the Diva Hall of Fame.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a standing ovation for the one and only, Miss Inaya Day.

   Album : Inaya Day – The Diva Series  
   Genre : Circuit, House Music
   Year : 2017
   Total Time : 1:57:47.00
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