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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Jennifer Holliday | The Diva Series

Brace yourselves because the vocal powerhouse Jennifer Holliday is storming into our Diva Hall of Fame, and trust me, you don’t want to miss this seismic event! This lady’s voice is larger than life; it’s an entity of its own that fills every room and touches every heart.

For those who haven’t been graced by her towering talent, let’s just say Jennifer isn’t your typical, garden-variety diva. Nope, she’s a multi-faceted gem, lighting up stages from Broadway to the club scene. Sure, she underwent a dramatic weight loss journey, but let’s get something straight—this diva’s vocal cords never lost an ounce. She could be big, small, or in-between, but that voice remains her grandest feature.

Remember when she scorched the stage with “And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going” in Dreamgirls? Just the Rosabel remix alone has burned more calories on the dance floor than a Jane Fonda workout tape! Then there’s “Think It Over,” remixed into the Thunderpuss, becoming a dance-floor manifesto for all the “you-go-girl” moments in life.

But let’s not overlook “No Frills Love.” With Tony Moran’s Anthem Mix, this track proves that Jennifer’s got the power to make us move, groove, and believe in the spirit of the dance. And let’s be real, her rendition of “A Woman’s Got The Power” leaves no room for argument.

If you’ve heard her on Ally McBeal, you’d know that her soothing voice could practically serve as your personal life coach.

So let’s give it up for the Diva who doesn’t just tell us she’s not going, she compels us to stand, cheer, and dance. It’s high time Jennifer Holliday got her moment in our Diva Hall of Fame. Step aside everyone, a true queen is taking her rightful throne.

Until the next time… ENJOY!

Album : Jennifer Holliday
Genre : Circuit
Year : 2014
Total Time : 00:43:24:00

1. Magic (Tony Moran, Warren Rigg & Dave Saronson Extended Mix)

2. And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going (Rosabel Dreamgirls Attitude Mix)

3. Think It Over (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix)

4. A Woman’s Got The Power (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix)

5. No Frills Love (Moran’s Anthem Mix)

6. And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going (Ralphi’s Classic House Mix)

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