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The Diva Series Annie LennoxI just received some last minute songs for the Chrome Edition and decided to push that off until next week. I’m guessing there will be about five maybe six mixes for that set, so I’ll most likely start rolling them out on Monday or so. In the meantime, I received a suggestion to add Annie to the Diva Series, which I thought was a wonderful idea. I had forgotten that she recently released her greatest hits; probably because I had long since created my own best of with the songs I wanted. Anyway, I knocked this one out fairly quickly and am very pleased as will most Annie fans. While doing some research I came across this interview she did for Queerty that I thought was interesting. In particular, her response to the last question gave me pause:

Legendary singer Annie Lennox sat down with HX’s Trenton Straube for a little pre-album release heart-to-heart. Before the girls ended their chat, Trent had one last, pressing question:

You know I really adore Annie, but I thought this was a little off-putting. After all, this coming from a woman who catapulted the whole gender identity issue into the mainstream and has undergone a series of personality changes with each subsequent album release. Vacuous.indeed, but that’s what we love about you! When I was a kid my mom used to beat down my door while I blasted my stereo to the Pretenders and Eurythmics yelling “turn that shit down” all the while I was happily bouncing around my room like a wild child. I’m sure she thought I was on drugs. Frankly, you don’t need to be on anything in order to enjoy your favorite artist on the dancefloor. Dance remixes are not void of intelligence or expression. Instead, think of them as an extension of enjoying an artists’ work you want to dance to in the clubs. Maybe it’s the age factor that prevents her from understanding the value of her own work remixed for the same audience and extends itself to reach even more. There is a definite value that even her label boss and friend Clive Davis understood. It’s a shame she can’t see the magic in this artistry.

TS: One last subject: dance mixes. You music has always been a staple on the dance floor. And you have remixes already slated for the single “Sing.” You said you collaborate with art directors. Do you also work with the DJ’s and producers on the remixes?
AL: I’m going to be brutally honest here. I find a lot of it totally vacuous. People say you’ve got to have taken a lot of drugs before you “get it.” I’m pretty sure that you have to take a lot of drugs. What kind of drugs are you gay guys taking? Would you like that list alphabetically or in order of appearance.

Oh well.Annie, we love you anyway!

Album : The Diva Series: Annie Lennox
Genre : Dance, House, Pop, Diva
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:17:43.00

Track : 1
Title : 17 Again (Peter Rauhofer Vocal Anthem Mix)
Artist : Eurythmics

Track : 2
Title : Wonderful (Dave Aude Mixshow)
Artist : Annie Lennox

Track : 3
Title : Pavement Cracks (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix)
Artist : Annie Lennox

Track : 4
Title : Sweet Dreams (Steve Angello Mix)
Artist : Eurythmics

Track : 5
Title : Sing (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
Artist : Annie Lennox

Track : 6
Title : A Thousand Beautiful Things (Peter Rauhofer Beautiful Strings Anthem)
Artist : Annie Lennox

Track : 7
Title : Here Comes The Rain Again (Freemasons Remix)
Artist : Eurythmics

Track : 8
Title : Walking On Broken Glass (David Morales Mix)
Artist : Annie Lennox

Track : 9
Title : No More ‘I Love You’s’ (Junior Vasquez Mix)
Artist : Annie Lennox

Track : 10
Title : Into The West 2005 (Tony Moran Private Unreleased Mix)
Artist : Annie Lennox

Track : 11
Title : I’ve Got a Life (David Guetta & Joachim Garraud Remix)
Artist : Eurythmics

Track : 12
Title : Little Bird (Utah Saints Remix)
Artist : Annie Lennox

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