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Jody Watley | The Diva Series | The Soul Sessions

After the success of her second album Larger Than Life, Jody Watley began to dig deeper and became more introspective in her music. For the most part, she was in tune with the changing musical landscape as house music began to move into the mainstream, while other elements of the genre (in particular Soulful House) …Read More, Stream and Download

Jody Watley pt. 1 - The Diva Series

Jody Watley | The Diva Series | 90s Club Hits

From Fly Girl to backup dancer for Janet …oh wait!  I’m getting my DIVAS mixed up.  Let’s try this again … From Soul Train dancer to member of the 70s and 80s disco/R&B group Shalamar, to fashion icon and actress to dance floor D-I-V-A, Jody Watley truly is the shit! After leaving Shalamar in the …Read More, Stream and Download