Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Jody Watley | The Diva Series | The Soul Sessions

After the success of her second album Larger Than Life, Jody Watley began to dig deeper and became more introspective in her music. For the most part, she was in tune with the changing musical landscape as house music began to move into the mainstream, while other elements of the genre (in particular Soulful House) were rapidly gaining notoriety within the underground dance scene.

Her newer albums (Affairs of the Heart, Intimacy, and Affection) would reflect an artist who had not only matured but become socially aware.  Lyrically, all of the elements of floor-burners like Looking For a New Love and Don’t You Want Me were there but were presented in a way that many of her earlier fans didn’t get.  It’s a shame because some of Jody’s best work was coming out of these albums as well as subsequent releases.

Vocally, Jody was never going to be a Martha Wash nor Loleatta Holloway but she could sure stand on her own next to Barbara Tucker and/or Ultra Nate (other soulful house goddesses at the time).  Jody’s voice is so distinctive that when she sings backup on someone else’s song, you don’t have to ask who it is, you just know.  There’s a funky addictive nu-disco number she performed with French Horn Rebellion called Cold Enough that came out late last year and without having not known who it was the minute the female voice kicks in I knew immediately and was like OMG …that’s Jody!

 “I’m gonna get my hair done, nails done, I’m gonna get my drag on, I’m gonna party tonight” -Nightlife

In addition to the work Jody has been doing with others, she also released a quite excellent 8-song album titled Paradise in July of last year off of her Avitone Recording imprint.  That album contains the red-hot Nightlife and Tonight’s the Night (with Mark De Clive-Lowe) and I’m hoping that Dancer and The Dawn also get the remix treatments in the near future.  The album may be short, but it’s sheer nu-disco/house perfection!

In support of Jody’s ongoing efforts and to spotlight the essence of her fabulosity, I’ve gone ahead and added a second induction into the Diva Hall of Fame, with the inclusion of the Soul Sessions.  Let yourself get swept away in this lush set of 90s Soulful House Music.  ENJOY!

Album : The Diva Series starring Jody Watley
Genre : Diva, Soulful, House, Deep House
Year : 2015
Total Time : 01:22:23
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