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The Diva Series Celine Dion 240Your humble host has been under the weather for the past several weeks and is way behind in my posts, all of which have been finished for some time now and begging to be unleashed.  I’m trying to take advantage of the best I’ve felt in a long while so here goes…

In a nutshell, Celine is to a second generation what Barbra Streisand was to the previous.  She has an amazing voice that has raw power when it’s required and subtle elegance when not.

Canadian born, she started as a French singer and by the early 90s moved into English adult contemporary pop.  From there, she went on to international fame and is a world-wide tour de force in and of herself.

Sorry, I cannot heap more accolades on this gifted singer, but we all know who she is, where she’s been and all the hits.  So with that, I’ll let her fame speak for itself.

Party Favorz welcomes Celine’s induction into the Diva Hall of Fame with this series of dance floor hits and gay anthems.  As always…


Album : Celine Dion
Genre : Club, House
Year : 2014
Total Time : 1:19:10.00

1. To Love You More (Tony Moran’s I’ll Be… Waiting Vocal Mix)

2. My Heart Will Go On (Tony Moran Anthem Mix)

3. Because You Loved Me (Chris Cox Club Anthem)

4. All By Myself (Tracy Young Remix)

5. Taking Chances (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J’s Vocal Mix)

6. It’s All Coming Back To Me Now (The Moran Anthem 12” Mix)

7. I’m Alive (Johnny Rock World Anthem Remix)

8. The Power Of Love (Thunder Storm Club Mix)

9. Loved Me Back To Life (DJ Laszlo Club Remix)

10. I Want You to Need Me (Thunderpuss Club Mix)

11. I Drove All Night (Hex Hector Extended Vocal Import Mix)

12. A New Day Has Come (Mike Rizzo Global Club Mix)

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