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Grunge rave with hands in the air and a giant disco ball on top for the cover art of the Peak Hour categoryThe “Peak Hour” channel is the ultimate destination for those who thrive on the late-night dance floor vibes. Featuring an electrifying array of non-stop mixes, this channel brings the best of Tech House, Bass House, Breaks, Techno, and beyond. It’s where the energy peaks and the beats don’t stop, creating an immersive experience for everyone who loves to lose themselves on the dance floor. Whether you’re a night owl or a dance enthusiast, “Peak Hour” keeps the party going hard!

People wandering through the a red light basement of a late-night club for the cover art of "The Underground" featuring the latest Tech House and Techno beats.

Tech House & Techno Pulse: Dive into ‘The Underground’ for Late Night Euphoria

Embark on a sensorial odyssey with the latest offering from Party Favorz, “The Underground,” a sultry blend of Tech House and Techno rhythms that promise to enliven your nocturnal adventures. A Seductive Start: The Remix that Reels You In The journey begins with the pulsating Vintage Culture remix of “Spring Girl” by Adam Ten and …Read More, Stream and Download