Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

The Latest Tech House & Techno: “Hot In Here — Peak Hour Summer Mix”

If the summer heat’s got you in a fix, Party Favorz is here to elevate your spirits. Say hello to “Hot In Here” a Peak Hour Summer Mix and genre-spanning compilation that promises to keep your energy levels at an all-time high. With a focus on Tech House and Techno, this mix is perfect for any late-night setting where the crowd is eager to let loose.

A Masterful Blend of Tech House and Techno

One of the standout tracks that offer a masterful fusion of Tech House and Techno is John Summit’s “In Chicago.” Known for his genre-bending capabilities and tracks like “Deep End,” Summit delivers once again. “In Chicago” melds raw Techno elements with textured Tech House beats, making it an indispensable component of any Peak Hour playlist.

Adding to the Tech House portfolio is Ben Kim’s “Tear The Club Up.” A thumping bassline and invigorating rhythms make it an easy pick for a dance floor eager to live up to the track’s title. Ben Kim’s unique take on Tech House has been making waves, and this song exemplifies his skill in igniting any venue.

Iconic Reworks for the Modern Dance Floor

Kate Bush’s iconic “Running Up That Hill” receives a fresh treatment by KREAM included in the set. This transformation brings an 80’s classic into the modern era with a Tech House touch. It’s a prime example of how time-tested tracks can receive new life while respecting their original spirit.

Another delightful nod to a classic comes in the form of Mark Knight & Gene Farris’s “I Can’t Go For That.” A Hall & Oates evergreen, this rendition is spun into a Tech House delight without losing its original flavor, capturing the nostalgia while catering to modern sensibilities.

A Melting Pot of Genres and Vibes

This mix isn’t just limited to Tech House and Techno; it spreads its wings to include other forms of high-octane dance music. Tracks like Shouse’s “Won’t Forget You” remixed by Felix Jaehn offer an interesting detour, blending emotive vocals with contagious rhythms. Such tracks add depth to the overall Peak Hour experience, showing the range of what Party Favorz can offer.

The Ideal Companion for Peak Hour Energy

There’s a reason why “Hot In Here” deserves a spot on your summer playlist. It encapsulates everything you’d want from a mix designed for Peak Hour. From the infectious beats of Tech House to the relentless energy of Techno, this compilation has something for everyone. And as we head into August, don’t forget that Party Favorz is cooking up more surprises to keep your summer electrifying. So, pop open your favorite drink, and let this mix fuel your Peak Hour adventures.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album: Hot In Here
Artists: Various
Genre: Tech House, House, Breakbeat, Techno
Length: 02:48:27

1. CID & Westend – Let Me Take You (Quik HItter)

2. Mark Bale – Make It Hot (DJ Kuba & Neitan Extended Edit)

3. HÄWK x XVW – Tequila (Original Mix)

4. KVSH & Tim Hox feat. Cumbiafrica – Corocito (Extended Mix)

5. P. Diddy x Chris Moody vs. Nukey – Bad Boy For Life (Pat C’s ‘Falls Down’ Bootleg)

6. Tom Budin & LOUD ABOUT US! – Complicated (Original Mix)

7. Antonio Pica – Party In My House (Original Mix)

8. Future & Drake x Steve Aoki & Afrojack – Way 2 Sexy (Angelo The Kid ‘No Beef’ Edit)

9. Philip Z – Sexy Back (Original Mix)

10. Pickle – Hot In Herre (Original Mix)

11. B Beat Girls – For The Same Man (Nic Fanciulli Extended Remix)

12. Sil – Blue Oyster (Richy Ahmed Extended Remix)

13. Under Break – Come On Baby (Original Mix)

14. James Brown – I Feel Good (Relanium & Deen West Remix)

15. Landis x Da Hool & Joel Corry x DMX – Party Up (Angelo The Kid The Parade Edit)

16. Ben Kim – Tear The Club Up (Original Mix)

17. John Summit – In Chicago (Extended Mix)

18. Dark Heart feat. Mia Marvelous – Get Down Low (Extended Mix)

19. CID & Will K – OoooH (Original Mix)

20. Jack Harlow – First Class (HAWK. & Gin and Sonic VIP Edit)

21. J-Kwon vs. BYOR – Tipsy x Don’t Stop The Disco (Adam b Edit Intro Clean)

22. Shipwrek – Silent (Frank Williams ‘Like A G6’ Edit)

23. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (KREAM Extended Mix)

24. Mark Knight & Gene Farris – I Can’t Go For That (Extended Mix)

25. Malaa – How It Is (Extended Mix)

26. DJ Icey – Rio Sur (Original Mix)

27. Johan S – The Chant (Extended Mix)

28. Versus – Dolla Gang (Original Mix)

29. Snoop Dogg, MorganJ x Maddow – Gin & Juice (Original Mix)

30. Oomloud – It’s Tricky (Original Mix)

31. Loods – Problem Solver (Original Mix)

32. CASSIMM – Yes Man (Original Mix)

33. Lizzo vs. Gin and Sonic – About Damn Time (Gin and Sonic’s Tech House Remix)

34. Will Watt – Superstar (Original Mix)

35. Alok – The Club Is Jumpin’ (Extended Mix)

36. Kavinsky – Renegade Jumpin (Case Ace 2k22 Bootleg)

37. Chapter & Verse – Ready For The Rave (Original Mix)

38. Ciara vs. Black Caviar – 1, 2 Step x Pink Shoes (Adam b Edit)

39. Sean Paul vs. Alok – Temperature (Andrew Marks The Club Is Jumpin’ Edit)

40. Anti Up – Chromatic (Extended Version)

41. Ellis Moss – Critical (Extended Mix)

42. Johan S – Feel It (Extended Mix)

43. Mark Maxwell feat. Asta – Santorini (Extended Mix)

44. Jetlag & Lu Oliver – Shake It Girls (Original Mix)

45. Diplo & Miguel – Don’t Forget My Love (CID Remix)

46. Shouse – Won’t Forget You (Felix Jaehn Remix)

47. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Techno Remix)

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