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Kelly Clarkson 2018 - The Diva Series

Kelly Clarkson 2018 | The Diva Series

Party Favorz is digging into our past inductees into the Diva Hall of Fame and updating those that have since released considerable new material with a refresh of the original inductions. Kelly Clarkson is one of two divas getting a makeover. While her original induction from 2013 is still available, she remains just as viable …Read More, Stream and Download

Kelly Clarkson | The Diva Series

It’s time to re-launch the infamous and wildly popular Diva Series. I could think of no better way to do that than by honoring the always fabulous and vocally gifted Miss Kelly Clarkson. Winner of the very first American Idol, Kelly has been one of the most successful artists to come off that show. Kelly …Read More, Stream and Download