Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Kelly Clarkson | The Diva Series

It’s time to re-launch the infamous and wildly popular Diva Series. I could think of no better way to do that than by honoring the always fabulous and vocally gifted Miss Kelly Clarkson. Winner of the very first American Idol, Kelly has been one of the most successful artists to come off that show.

Kelly always played by her own rules and didn’t allow the industry to mold her into something she isn’t.  Unlike many of her contemporaries, her life is NOT tabloid fodder nor has she been arrested, had a meltdown, gotten publicly intoxicated, or even made a sex video.

She sings of heartbreak, independence, and self-empowerment; all themes that are easily relatable making her music not only catchy and fun but accessible.

After her stunning performance of My Country Tis of Thee at President Obama’s second inauguration, where she performed live (as in no lip-synced pre-recording) there is no mistaking her talent. For these reasons and more, Party Favorz honors Miss Kelly Clarkson by inducting her into the Diva Hall of Fame.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album : The Diva Series featuring Kelly Clarkson
Artists : Kelly Clarkson
Genre : EDM
Length : 01:09:53

1. Intro: I Want A Man, Not A Boy (Acapella)
2. I Do Not Hook Up (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
3. Miss Independent (Shanghai Surprise Remix)
4. Dark Side (DJ Laszlo Dark Anthem Mixshow)
5. Behind These Hazel Eyes (DJ Riviera & DJ Sergio Shklyar Remix)
6. My Life Would Suck Without You (Chriss Ortega Club Mix)
7. Since U Been Gone (Jason Nevins Rock Da Club Hybrid Mix)
8. Catch My Breath (Cosmic Dawn & Andy Reese Club Mix)
9. Stronger (What Doesn`t Kill You) (Futurecop! Club Remix)
10. Already Gone (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
11. Mr. Know It All (Billionaire Remix)
12. Walk Away (Chris Cox Mixshow)
13. Never Again (Dave Audé Mixshow)
14. Because Of You (Jason Nevins Club Mix with Breakdown)
15. The Trouble With Love Is (Bermudez & Bertoldo Delinquent Cupid X Mix)

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