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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Selena Gomez 2019 | The Diva Series

As promised, I’ve got a couple of re-ups into the Diva Hall of Fame starting with the smart, beautiful, and uber-talented Selena Gomez.

Since Selena’s first induction into the Diva Hall of Fame, she has had multiple massive collaborations (notably Kygo, Marshmello, and Charlie Puth) but has not released any new material. At the time, she was wrapping up a worldwide tour and had several production deals with the Lifetime Channel and Netflix. Ya’ll may have heard of something called “13,” which was a huge hit for the streaming service, even if it wasn’t my cup of tea and frankly gave an appearance of glorifying suicide — but hey, that’s just me.

Because Selena has kept her name shining bright and accumulated multiple hits during this period, Party Favorz thought it was only appropriate to update the original induction with alternate versions and their material. Frankly, I like the overall feel of this set compared to the first.

My guess (though I could be wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time) is that she honors us with a new album in 2019 — at which point, I’ll go back and update this set again once it has its full run.

In the interim, Party Favorz is thrilled to once again re-induct the fabulous Selena Gomez 2019 into the Diva Hall of Fame. I’m looking forward to hearing more from her in the future. ENJOY!

Album: Selena Gomez 2019 | The Diva Series
Genre: Dance, Club
Year: 2019
Total Time: 01:33:24

1. Come & Get It (Dave Audé Club Remix)

2. Hit the Lights (MD Remix)

3. I Want You To Know (Matt Nevin Club Mix)

4. Wolves (BounceMakers x Simone Castagna Remix) [with Marshmello]

5. Same Old Love (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)

6. Round & Round (7th Heaven Club Mix)

7. Slow Down (Danny Verde Club Remix)

8. A Year Without Rain (Dave Audé Club Remix)

9. Fetish (Rapko Remix) [feat. Gucci Mane]

10. It Ain’t Me (Ray Rhodes Remix) [with Kygo]

11. We Don’t Talk Anymore (Marco Pintavalle Bootleg)

12. Hands To Myself (KANDY Remix)

13. Who Says (Dave Audé Club Remix)

14. The Heart Wants What it Wants (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)

15. Kill Em With Kindness (DJ Riddler Club Mix)

16. Good For You (Disco Suckz Remix) [feat A$SAP Rocky]

17. Naturally (Disco Fries Extended Mix)

18. Back To You (J Bruus Remix)

19. Love You Like A Love Song (Jump Smokers Main Remix)

20. Bad Liar (Lord N’ Club Mix)

21. Taki Taki (Ryan Skyy Pony Extended) [DJ Snake with Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B]

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