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Annie Lennox 2017 | The Diva Series

The original Annie Lennox Diva Series was released in May of 2009. She was one of my earliest inductees. As a personal preference as an artist, vocalist, and performer, her music has gotten me through some of the darkest moments in my life. Since the original set is missing several favorites, I felt it was …Read More, Stream and Download

Annie Lennox 2009 - The Diva Series

Annie Lennox | The Diva Series

Legendary singer Annie Lennox sat down with HX’s Trenton Straube for a little pre-album release heart-to-heart. Before the girls ended their chat, Trent had one last, pressing question: You know I adore Annie, but I thought this was a little off-putting. After all, this comes from a woman who catapulted the whole gender identity issue …Read More, Stream and Download