Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Annie Lennox 2017 | The Diva Series

The original Annie Lennox Diva Series was released in May of 2009. She was one of my earliest inductees. As a personal preference as an artist, vocalist, and performer, her music has gotten me through some of the darkest moments in my life.

Since the original set is missing several favorites, I felt it was time to go back and revisit Ms. Lennox. There have been several fantastic bootlegs that have since come out honoring her work as a solo singer and as part of the 80’s duo Eurythmics. I couldn’t use everything I wanted and had to leave off fan favorites like the Gabriel & Dresden remix of Pavement Cracks and the Thunderpuss remix of 17 Again.

While the original remix package for Pavement Cracks was stellar in its own right,  I went with the Shanghai Surprise version this go around and found a fantastic bootleg of 17 Again that flows better than the Thunderpuss or Peter Rauhofer remixes.

I also found a brilliant bootleg of No More I Love You’s that captures the beauty of the original. No offense to Junior Vasquez, but his official remixes for the song were offensive, way off, and frankly a hot mess. When Junior is hot, he’s fucking brilliant but other times, he’s all over the fucking map as in this case.

There were also several stellar bootlegs for one of my all-time favorite songs Why. However, I decided to take the safer route and went with a 90’s inspired version that retains the essence of the original set to P.M. Dawn beat.

All of the songs have been remastered to brighten them up while keeping the peaks at a constant, which in this case was necessary considering the age of the songs and in several instances, the sources.

It’s with great honor and respect that Party Favorz re-inducts the fabulous Ms. Annie Lennox into the Diva Hall of Fame once again. Enjoy!

This podcast has been re-EQ’d to remove extreme highs and hisses in the original release. If you have the original release and it sounds fine to you, then there is no need to re-download this version as they are the same except for the equalization.

Album : Annie Lennox 2017 | The Diva Series
Genre : House Music
Year : 2017
Total Time : 02:01:40
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