Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Madonna Dance Music Tribute 2021: Celebrate!

As well all know, Monday the 16th is the queen’s birthday, and to help launch the various festivities and celebrations that this woman elicits from her millions of fans all over the world — Party Favorz is dropping “Madonna Dance Music Tribute 2021: Celebrate!” featuring another round of fabulous bootlegs of her biggest hits and fan favorites from her 40 years as one of the world’s biggest stars.

I realize I had promised the ‘Ultimate Madonna Series‘ this year but decided to flesh out all these bootlegs that have either never appeared on previous releases in this celebratory series and with over two thousand tracks in my collection — there was a lot to choose from. One of these may be official but I can’t say for certain with the way remixes are released these days. In addition to these bootlegs, several others were recently released and I wanted to ensure those get the attention they deserve as well.

Since 2022 will be Party Favorz 15 year anniversary, I promise to release comprehensive sets of the official remixes plus the best of the best in bootlegs. I’ll just have to get a head start months in advance because these compilations take considerable time and I don’t like to rush them.

In the interim, you can go to the official Madonna page on Party Favorz and download past efforts that take on the official remixes and various bootlegs that are not included here. There’s more than enough here to fulfill even the hardest of the hardcore fan that you won’t find all in one place anywhere else.

I’m near burnt out since running a marathon of releases since the end of May but still have two more offerings for you folks through Labor Day. After that, I’ll be taking a much-needed break.

I also want to mention that I had a falling out with Cloudflare who was delivering edge service for Party Favorz to ensure the fastest possible speeds abroad. I’ve since dropped them and have found another company to pick up the slack but it hasn’t been implemented yet. I may do it this weekend or next week so if you experience any wonky behavior from the site, please be patient and just keep checking back because these things usually get fixed within 24 hours or less.

I hope everyone is staying safe, cool, and hydrated because we’re not quite done with summer just yet. I also want to wish Madonna a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and send X0X0 to her and all of her fans around the world with “Madonna Dance Music Tribute 2021: Celebrate!”. Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album: Celebrate! Madonna 2021
Genre: Dance, Club
Year: 2021
Total Time: 04:49:58

1. Celebration (Studio Acapella)

2. Girl Gone Wild (Justin Cognito Extended Mix)

3. Give Me All Your Luvin’ (Alessio Silvestro Remix)

4. Vogue (Bit Error Club)

5. Bitch I’m Madonna (Backdoor Deluxe Club Mix) [with Nicki Minaj]

6. Give It 2 Me (Marchillo Remix)

7. Don’t Tell Me (Lukesavant Daft Remix)

8. Masterpiece (Uzazi luv’s Madonna Mix)

9. Human Nature (Lukesavant Mix)

10. Secret (Some Bizarre Mix)

11. Ray Of Light (Tim Van De Velde Remix)

12. I Don’t Search, I Find (Kue’s Studio 54 Mix)

13. Like A Virgin (Bit Error vs. EDX & Arston ”Szeplo” MASHUP)

14. Love Profusion (Sartori Good Mood Remix)

15. La Isla Bonita 2018 (OKJames Wild And Free Mix)

16. Nothing Really Matters (Lukesavant Future House Rework)

17. Everybody (Gabriel Spender Summer Mix)

18. Erotica (Alexander 2020 Mix)

19. Devil Pray (Cajjmere Wray Book of Dub)

20. I Rise (Twisted Dee & Diego Fernandez Mix)

21. Music (Fire Club Remix 2013)

22. Spotlight (Ray Isaac Club Mix)

23. Like A Prayer (Division 4 Remix)

24. American Life (Jose Jimenez Remix)

25. Hollywood (Dubtronic Galactic Ride Remix)

26. Forbidden Love (Isak Salazar Trance Mix)

27. Celebration (Late Club Remix 2011)

28. Burning Up (OKJames Factor 50 Mix)

29. Holiday (Double Face Brazil Club Mix)

30. Miles Away (Quanmuaxuan Remix)

31. Get Together (Sartori Love At First Sight Remix)

32. Fever (Donny’s 2019 Sunlight Mix)

33. You’ll See (OKJames Scorpio Rising Mix)

34. Jump (Sartori 2016 Remix)

35. Lucky Star (Sartori 2017 Remix)

36. Borderline (Dirty Disco Classic Rework)

37. Ghosttown (Barry Harris Club Remix)

38. Medellin (Robbie Rivera Remix) [with Maluma]

39. Deeper And Deeper (Jet Boot Jack Remix)

40. Heartbreak City (Ishay Avital’s Deep House Remix)

41. Express Yourself (Idaho’s Ready Or Not Mix)

42. Into The Groove (Mark Lower Rework)

43. Bedtime Story (Country Club Martini Crew Deep Mix)

44. 4 Minutes (Eldar Stuff Remix) [with Justin Timberlake]

45. God Control (Dirty Disco Eagle Houston Remix)

46. Sorry (Lord N’ 2018 Remix)

47. Turn Up The Radio (Marco V Remix)

48. Hung Up (Dave Aude Mix)

49. Frozen (S9’s Gently Remix)

50. Causing A Commotion (Sonic Disco Mix)

51. Papa Don’t Preach (Donny’s 2019 Paternal Mix)

52. Open Your Heart (Lymone Nudisco Mix)

53. Living For Love (Shahaf Moran Remix)

54. Die Another Day (Barry Harris 2017 Body & Soul Mix)

55. Physical Attraction (Ray Isaac Club Mix)

56. Keep It Together (Marco Sartori Remix)

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